Game Over?

Server population for alliance has dropped dramatically over the last few weeks and character transfer is now closed from Stonespine (A).

According to the latest population figures of level 60 characters:

Horde: 93.14%
Alliance: 6.86%

My advice:

Alliance: If you have time to level or have not yet reached 60 leave this server today and seek a more balanced option (Bloodfang for example).

Horde: If you enjoy PvP/BGs again I would suggest transferring if the option is still available for (H) - There will not be enough alliance for any BGs and massive queues await you.

If you are horde who enjoys PvE and not PvP then Stonespine in its current state is perfect for you.

With phase two upon us I want to know what Blizzard plan to do to resolve this before the server dies completely, I doubt any GM/Admin has the Cahoonas to actually face up to this though.



Leveling alt on stonespine to play with my irl friends and while the numbers are very obviously skewed in favor of the horde i’m more worried about the low population of alliance players overall. Getting groups for any instance while leveling is a huge hassle and there is low action even in worldchat

I’m legit pissed off about it and i’m probably going to quit if they don’t find a solution for it soon. I’m horde and can’t even get off this server since they closed the transfer thing last night. I would be more than happy to leave so it evens out

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Stop spreading lies and rumours… your numbers are bloody impossible to be true… everyone with half a brain realize that those “data” website numbers are beyond a joke… only Blizzard can have real access to realm/faction pops… this leaves us with with only trying to guess by experience and observation…

That being said claiming that 93% of the server are Horde is simply GTFO, not even remotely the case… At the WORST semi logical estimate, would not be more than 40% A/60% H.

Trying to post “Fact” based on some stupid add-ons that in logic might not have more than 50 people out of many THOUSANDS are using is beyond idiotic. Hell, I bet the OP himself don’t have the add-on he is quoting installed either… Even more idiotic than the OP claiming that sever faction balance has much bearing on que times for BG… has noone ever told the OP that BGs are cross-realm?



While there’s no doubt that there are more Horde than Alliance on this server, claiming a 7/93% population disparity without actually backing it up with a credible source is laughable.

And no, some strange addon with an unknown amount of users is not a credible source.

Firstly: this is based on level 60 active players not full server population - can you not read?

Secondly: I have not claimed to be posting facts so not sure why you put that in quotes, maybe you don’t understand quotation?

Thirdly: I learnt about cross faction BGs after this post, so the queues shouldn’t be an issue just realm PvP, dungeons, Farming and AH prices.

And lastly: If you played Alliance on this server you would see the issues, world and Lfg channels are dead, the few people that are trying to make groups spend long periods of time looking for players to join. Alliance discord presence is practically nonexistent, the last post for guild recruitment was over two weeks ago.

So you sir are wrong because all the facts point to Alliance being dead but you are entitled to your idiotic opinion.

First off, only idiot on here is you.

And how does your add on aquire the level 60 active players? Don’t tell me by running /who and having it uploaded… because /who is blocked by Blizzard to show actual numbers.

You are implying you are posting facts by the fact you are crying about it…

Discord being dead? LMAO… was it EVER active on ANY server apart from a few select hardcore/streamer ones?

Guild recruitment where exactly?? Forums?? When where they or the forum in General had EVER been active?

Fact of matter you are an idiot and pretty much know very little how anything works.

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Thanks for backing up my views with your lack of understand.

There’s currently 20ish guilds alliance side that have killed bosses in Molten Core. This number is just based on that we spent sometime inspecting people in capitals and checking their guilds. This would mean Horde would have roughly 270ish guilds raiding Molten Core which is something I highly doubt. At the worst I’d say the balance is A 20 - 80 H. If you doubt this there’s a list in random order for you of the guilds that we counted with my mate:

Protocol, Who pulled that, Swedish Crusaders, Nine to Five, The Argonauts, Britannia, Cthun Friends, Solid Core, PHOENIX, High Quality, Royal Kendis, Infliction, Adeptus Mechanicus, GRAPES, Ascent, The Vikings, The Old Plan, RIP, Queen, Tegridy, Joy Division, Engima, The Flat Azeroth Society, Vanilla Veterans, Enigma and Hero.

However, this data isn’t 100% accurate on the guilds since this is mainly based on inspecting people in capital cities and asking few guilds that I wasn’t so sure of but we can safely assume that the number of the Alliance raid guilds is somewhere around 20-30. If we do the math quickly with assumed 20 Alliance guilds that do raid since you data is on 60s we get the following formula:

20/6.86 = 2,915
2,915 * 93,14 = 271,14

Now lets think about the required roster for raids. Lets assume most guilds have highly effective roster that only contains 45 raiders. 271*45 would bring Horde side to 12 195 raiders who’ve raided in MC. This is roughly 1/3 of the Horde population reported in 14.09.2019 on Wowhead which was 35 211 giving Horde the 54% of the playerbase on this realm.

Now Synz listen to this. You’re saying this server has 900ish raiding level 60 Alliance players versus 12 195 on the Horde side. Is the anything else moving in your head except your eyes and tongue?

I’d love to hear the actual numbers of Horde guilds that do raid since 271 is just so absurd number that it doesn’t even make sense.

Sorry for the formating. I don’t usually do stuff like this.

His 93/7 ratio is based off the number of 60s on wowpop.

Since the Alliance has not uploaded data regularly their numbers are really outdated. I am going to create a new WoW account and run a census on both Horde and Alliance simultaneously tonight. I will edit the post when I finish running them.

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What about you check the thread above and put an old sock in your filthy mouth and shut it for good.

Considering how well you understand the text you read I used the term at worst when throwing a horrible estimate. 36% Alliance @ 60 is quite good since I checked the posted you recommended me to. Point of my whole post was to prove the thread starter that the numbers he gave us were just ridiculous.

So you said:

Trying to post “Fact” based on some stupid add-ons that in logic might not have more than 50 people out of many THOUSANDS are using is beyond idiotic.

And now you’re preaching numbers from that same addon… that is hilarious!

I never said my numbers were ‘fact’ I’m trying to prove the point that alliance / horde imbalance is crap… and you don’t need an addon to tell you that it’s obvious from playing.

No 40/60 is far from crap… since having more than 3-4 raids in one place is simply unplayable with the current game engine. Those many thousands compiling the 40/60 ratio would never end up going head to head…
Let me tell you a real story that perfectly explain the mentality of the average Alliance player such as yourself:

"My main was an alliance rogue on Ashbringer, during first month of release (which probably had more Alliance than horde by quite a margin at the time). I was questing in STV at the buccaneers along with other 2 random alliance waiting on a mob spwn, then suddenly… Came a group of 3 Alliance yelling:

Group of three alliance in thier 40s: " Run Run!".
Me and 2 randoms in 40s: " wtf?"
3 alliance group: " there is a FULL group of Horde running around ganking people in the zone".
Me and 2 randoms: " huh? What level?"
3 alliance group: “one of them is 47”!!
Me and 2 randoms: " sit in silence, absorbing the shock".
3 alliance group: " flee for thier lives".
2 randoms: " wow what a bunch of pussies"
Me: “that is alliance mentality for you…doesn’t take more than a full group of Horde to TERRORIZE the most populated PvP zone”.
2 random Alliance: " yeah, Alliance are pathetic".

I doubt would take more than one horde raid to totally terrorize the most populated dungeon/raid level 60 zone either on this server.

Fact of the matter Alliance are two kinds:

  1. ones that are hardcore/try hard and are pretty much rarely found outside Gehennas/Shaz/Firemaw.

  2. ones that are quite allergic to PvP (and would not participate in, unless they “feel like it”), yet they were dumb enough to roll on a PvP server then come on forums to cry and make excuses for thier utter stupidity.

I used Census app myself (for the wowpop website) untill both things became defunct about 2 months ago.
Back then there were a bit over 40K horde characters > lvl 5 on the server and a bit under 30K alliance characters > lvl 5 on the server.

There were almost no level 60’s before Census got pwned by Blizzard, so how things truly evolved can not be said with certainty. I would guess we’re at 60:40 still, or perhaps 65:35.

I couldn’t even be arsed to read your post but I know it will have been moronic.

It honestly feels around 36 to 64 or 40 to 60 at max. But definitely not 7 to 93. I know the experience back then on CIS server Soulflayer back in wotlk, which was mono-faction server of the horde, we had same situation with mono-fraction alliance server named Gordunni. For now Stonespine has way better situation, who knows maybe if the faction transfers were opened some people would transfer ally to balance things out

I left Stonespine weeks ago, best thing I ever did. If you’re alliance and still playing on Stonespine you’re brain dead lol

GTFO and let the scum enjoy their boring existence

Glad you’re away from Stonespine. Your toxicity would propably stink over faction borders

Server is still playable. Fact it’s lower on ally side so it’s hard to find tank or healer from the 1st minute but it’s doable. I would say the server is okeyISH and far from being sh*t atm.