Game tabbing out by itself then freezing. SOLUTION FOUND

Solution: NVIDIA DLSS (Image Scaling) causes the issue! If you have this feature enabled in the NVIDIA settings, then try and fully disabling it in Nvidia Experience, or Nvidia Control Panel. Experience was enough for me. Even tho it is disabled for WoW, but still enabled in settings, it will cause the issue.
Just turn it on again after, it will take under a minute:)
I hope that this is the cause for you aswell, so it can be solved.
Pls report back with your results, even tho it didn’t work.:slight_smile:

Pls read more detailed explanations and details on this post, dont wanna repeat it all:

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im also having this issue,happens mostly during rated battlegrounds…game just minimizes,then when comes back has no cursor,sometimes it deactivates vsync,its crazy…

I have been testing a lot and have found the reason behind the issue, atleast for me! I hope that you are using Nvidia Image Scaling (DLSS)? Because disabling it fully has made the issue go away for atleast like 4 hours of playing.
I had it disabled in WoW before, but it was still technicalle on inside nvidia settings. Lemme know if u also use Imagine Scaling please:) And hope it works for u too

no i dont use nvidia dlss ,my gpu doesnt even have that its a gtx 1080 ti,and still have the issue,so your post is not a solution please dont mark it has solution,this needs to be fixed by blizzard,since i have more than 20 games on my pc and only wow do that.

The issue is related to NVIDIA settings, and most likely the patch that released the DLSS feature 1½ month ago.
Looks like you haven’t read through the other posts concerning your issue, because it is stated that no1 else has had issues in any other games.

Turn off NIS setting in NVIDIA.
Turn off any overlay. Especially overclocking software.
Update driver. Still dont work? Reset NVIDIA control panel settings to default.
Still not? download driver from like 2½ months ago.

If this do not help, then write again cuz id be interested to know. But most likely it’ll be due to you not properly reading/following the instructions. But it will work tho.
Would be nice with another attitude when I’ve spent a bunch of time gathering all the known issues, contacted support, responding to posts etc. You could have simply said that it sadly didn’t work, and I would have still given you these instructions. Use them or not, up to u if u wanna remain having the issue. But still not a cool way to say thanks:)

its still not a solution so,dont mark this issue with a solution.

Meh u alrdy answer b4 ive edited lmao. How can u possibly have tried these steps in like what, 2min? It is definitely a solution. It is working for me, the problem is you not being able to figure it out. Make your own thread, or contact support.

i just told you i have a gtx 1080 TI DOESNT HAVE DLSS EVEN!

Peace, folks. :slight_smile:

The same symptoms (application being minimized) can be caused by a variety of different and utterly unrelated factors, so it stands to reason that a solution that works for some of these also may not work for all of them. It is still valuable to document and share such findings!


Do you know if its being looked at or something? Theres quiet a few of us experiencing this issue and it started around the same time for the majority.

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