Game transfer from computer to computer by external disk


Hey guys i just wanted to ask if i can transfer WoW (using external disk) from my old PC to a new one without installing it again, cause it would last whole day with my great internet?


I’ve never tried moving it from one PC to another, but it’s fairly relocatable. Generally you would just install Battle-net, sign in to your account and instead of clicking the Install button for WoW, there’s usually a link near the bottom (if you’ve played the game previously) that says locate the game or words to that effect. Then you can point it at the directory and it’ll use that, patching if need be. So you can move it where you want it on your PC beforehand and do that. The only possible issue could be file permissions, occasionally files end up read-only when transferring from an external, unlikely though and easy enough to fix.


Good morning Alanaar,

Yes, that would work. You can transfer the files from one PC to another using an external hard drive.

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