Gamer chair?

Guys my butt is killing me, I need to get a new chair, THIS WEEK, are gamer chairs worth it? Can they really support the weight they report?

I’m looking for one at Evetech in South Africa, they have all the brands etc.


i have a gameing chair and my GF been sitting meny times in my lap has not broken yet the chair so i guess ? :rofl:

All i can say is that reviews can be misleading, i bought a chair that is really comfertable & soft to sit on

… It was harder than my kitchen chair no joke

i have secretlab custom build gameing chair costed like 1700 euros :rofl:
has a inbuild massage system in it aswell :smiley:

its just an expensive CHAIR.

get a chair, put a pillow, maybe a blanket. have fun.
gratz, you just saved thousands.

i myself got a nice big office-manager chair. feels great. and not the most expensive in the shop.

well sitting in a office chair more then 8+ hours every day will give u neck pain and back pain :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a Noblechairs Hero! :sunglasses:

I’ve got this:

And weigh probably over 100 kg, haven’t weighed myself for a long time though. It’s also got quite a bit of space to sit on, so if you’re like me and like to sit with a leg pulled up, you can quite easily do that.

it is up to 140 KG

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