GDKP Alternative

Yeah man, there’s literally 0 botting or gold-buying!!!
That guy paying 198k gold for a Naxx sword at lvl 60 just REALLY LIKES DM Jump-runs.
You wouldn’t get it man.
He’s done like at least 7 of those runs to get that gold!

And now your MS > OS will be even more visible as the other 50 GDKPs arent there. You’re welcome for the perspective!

They will just bet real money in the discord from the paypal. and the betting will be incognito, with a bot. so no in game transactions of any kind would take a place.
blizzard should have embraced the idea or didn’t touch it.

ms > os sucks because of ninjalooting. Those who are not doing GDKP are in the 2sr > ms > os groups

Or you know, people could just roll for loot as normal.

Like the game is designed for. It works pretty well unless you get salty over loot not going your way.

I thought Troll Sweat was the biproduct in GDKPs anyway?

Oh you GDKPers are panicking aren’t you?

Good, good stuff

Its not a sad day. Its a good day. A good day to acknowledge that WoW finally has a team that wants to protect the game’s integruity. You should be cheering. GDKP is cancer to the game and should be worked agianst at all cost. Just like when a threat enters the society, the government needs to step in and clean it out.

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The only thing that is salty is the fresh troll sweat.

Yes indeed it is. This is why it is so fitting to use as a currency.

This is not the panic thread, here we are discussing future solutions.

Looks like using an alternative currency is within the boundaries of the new rules.

No, a great day. Let the gold buyers (and sellers) cry their tears.

If you don’t have time to farm for mats, you don’t have time to raid and should probably start looking for another hobby.

No you’re thinking of nerd sweat.

not a bad idea. The issue was never GDKP but RMT

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You reliese gkdp will be added to the report list abd u start this ur about to get spam reported right? Lol…

Just roll on loot like a normal person why is your account worth a attempt to bypass this

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there is nothing normal to let other people have chance to get your loot by just rolling

That is one of the default ways of getting loot that have been in the game since release two decades ago.


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A fine day indeed! A strike towards the disgusting infestation that GDKP are! It doesn’t matter what currency or alternative around it you and all your credit card swiping/boostie friends will find… all of us will now legitimately and very actively mass report your RMT loving circle of degenerates :grinning:

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Problem is. Its not your loot, you obtain it with a raid, its the raids loot.

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you do not invite your wedding guests to your marital bed to have them a chance with your wife either, yet you all participated in the festivities and some may have had their way with the wife previously or during the festivities.

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I´m not marrying the boss, I´m killing him. Also, it´s probably safe to assume nobody came to your wedding expecting to get loot.

The wife in and of itself has no significant relevance to the loot discussion since she was just another player character you grouped up with before you started the event invites. Anyone that expected to loot her was either delusional or knew something you didn´t.

Bottom line, if you didn´t kill the boss entirely by yourself, it´s not and never was “your” loot, but “our” loot.

A raid attends with the purpose of loot.

No one attends a wedding with the purpose of bedding your wife.

I rly dont understand how these compare.

Buy a raid boost, im sure they will become a thjng next. Gkdp is really opened a extremely weird mindset…