GDKP in Season of Discovery

we can still do fully boosted buy runs.
pre sell all items for fixed amount ?
gdkp’s will just adapt, and do that.

Obviously, they have already planned for this eventuality.

pre sell all items for fixeed amount of Items that can be sold on AH ?

The level of thinking in this article is appallingly low.
Natt, did you get hired by Blizzard ?

Thank you so much - this is by far the best move and improvement for the community by far; the toxicity of GDKP Raids, connected with Gold Sellers, has destroyed for a lot of people the fun in SoD. I hope this will stop not only Bots and Gold Sellers but also normalize AH business / prices. I’m so happy to read that. From a WoW Player who is playing since many many years.


Very good!


Oh really sherlock? Of course they’re going to try to bypass it. but gdkp activitys gonna be in decline with this change. No more advertising in SNG channel. more difficult to get in.


Great call, good job on taking a chance!


If you are going to remove this passive gold income.

Could we get some daily quests or something then?

Not everyone is “good” at making gold.

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No you do not get it. What if you are in a guild that switches to GDKP? Yes you can leave the guild but you worked your way in there and have to leave and start over from scratch.

The reason why you can’t always let people play the game the way they want is because it affects how other people are enjoying the game.

Someone who has enough IRL money to waste on gold ingame or more time farming gold in the game will always be at an advantage over someone who does not when joining raids. Also it screws over the economy in the game for everyone as well.

GDKP is pure poison. Everybody loses.


The usual Blizzard PR lingo. Every decision is final until the next one :yawning_face:

Note how open ended this blue post is compared to their initial post where they claimed RDF had no place in classic.

So, what the GDKP enjoyers need to do is to flood the forums with pro-GDKP posts, just as RDF enjoyers did, and ulitmately justice shall be restored.

I love democracy :slight_smile:

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Aaah yes the justice of people already ether breaking ToS or just sitting by knowing that their gold they earn comes from people breaking ToS, you should all have been banned without a warning if it was justice that people were after.

Berny decrees GDKP as illegal!

The justice phrase I used tongue-in-cheek. Blizzard have shown that they have a tendency to succumb to the demands of vocal groups on issues ranging from important stuff like RDF to seemingly trivial matters such as buffs/nerfs to ferals. I won’t be surprised if this GDKP experiment fails under the demands of the GDKP community.

OK Berny has spoken! This is the end of all controversy. I’ll see myself off!

(Huge fan of yours, Berny, I hope to see you more often on this forum :slight_smile:)


Tbh to this point you can’t escape bot or RMT anyway it’s too late, too too late. Blizzard China staff were even sending “insider information” to gold farm and rmt guilds to help them avoid account bans.
Since you invented a “crafting order system”, what about implementing a “raid loot order system”? The guild leader set a bid/buyout price for specific item drop from raid bosses, the buyer bid/buy the item. If the item drops, it would be sent to buyer’s mailbox instead of waiting for raiders to roll. Besides gold, the buyer should also sacrifice his raid lockout every week (even if the item doesn’t drop), until the order is concluded(item dropped/order cancelled).
With system like this at least blizzard could track gold more easily. They can also set some limitations to the system (like catalyst, ppl can only buy 1 piece per week, mythic items not available until hall of fame fully stuffed, etc) to avoid hurting cheap sense of pride of those self-proclaimed “pro”s.

Nice! SoD truly becomes the better Classic slowly but steady. Thanks for the change! Chad-move


“Someone who has enough IRL money to waste on gold ingame or more time farming gold in the game will always be at an advantage over someone who does not when joining raids.”

It is very interesting you include “more time farming gold in the game” in your reasoning.

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Thanks! It shall be done!

I was thinking of exactly this yesterday, where I think GDKP should help.

If gold buys progress, then the jobless guy playing 16 hours will have an advantage. The fix is RMT. (Gold or other items are equivalent here.)

If it doesn’t, then anyone playing 3 hours twice a week can have the same opportunity as those spending more. The risk isn’t just raid logging, but lack of motivation by those who managed to gear up first.

Intentionally avoiding “more committed”.

What I don’t understand is the purpose of getting so much gold (as a raid leader taxing GDKP or asking for raid entry fee). Expensive items will always go to those spending more time in the game, only the inflation is different. Outside that, there is the option to sell gold for money (game time), which ultimately translates into an easy player-assisted p2w approach (buying gear and boosts with cash).