Gearing 200 to 215 ilvl is rough

Korthia is fine for a casual main (like me) but I don’t see it as a viable method to gear alts. I don’t see any of my alts doing much in Korthia, if and when I manage to level any.
My main is 210 with mostly 220 Korthia rank 4 gear, a 190 pair of legendary boots and a few other pieces stuck at 197.
I don’t see my main getting much past the 220 gear as I’m in rep level 3 on the Codex and that is so slow (for me) that I doubt I’ll ever reach 6.

I’m a simple guy. all I want is to play the game on a difficulty that makes me feel I’m not peeling potatoes. if my char needs to spend 5 days in the oven before it can access said content, then I’ll be a very unhappy cook.

my problem isn’t whether a content is open world or instanced, I just don’t like braindead content with no prospect to even lose. such as current random HC, korthia, covenant campaign etc. if you enjoy those difficulties you should look at single player adventure games or “interactive movies” like console games.


Create your own groups.

Interesting. You have effectively insulted the bulk of the player base who pays a sub for this game.

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I do that every day

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Getting to 215 is mega easy though, buy all the crafted gear off AH. Then do a m0 world tour and you’ll be majority decked in 210 gear. Do it with some mates and armour stack for extremely easy gearing. Then fill in any items not 210 with korthia gear, you get enough for like 4x 220 items first time you do it all on a chara and find all the hidden chests. Farm some torghast and make a 235, buy a 230 ilevel blue from AH and you’ll come out 220ish can be done in a long day of playing. Or a few chill nights casual play.

220+ is where it gets rough and where you should be moaning with reduced drops from everything, 200-215 is really easy literally anyone can do it no probs at all just need the time.

Serious question, as I don’t do M+ therefor don’t really know.

How good was Dauntless gear in Legion and Benthic gear in BFA as a starting point for freshly dinged alts in that content?

For me (the ultra-casual) these systems worked really quite well for my alts.

It does feel like that but I am personally not bothered about it because my top end content is LFR.

As ex Mythic raider, I take personal joy to outdps most people in LFR.
That is how casual I have become. Sure, I cannot pair with people that have ilvl 230+ but oh well, I am not complaining in that case.

I had my mage alt at 183 ilvl. I have barely played it this patch but it is at 221 now. Mainly obtained through raiding, doing some normal and HC SoD with the guild. It’s really easy. With a guild.

Stop pugging endgame. I will repeat that as long as I have fingers to type it with.

Korthia is very bad for alts because of the tier 6 requirement to get gear to 233. It does really provide good starter gear for alts though.

2 world bosses may help and time walking events to gear your rouge.

Welcome to dps world.

I used those alts for generating free gold
but ye if i was serious about them i would probably hit alt+f4 too :smiley:
You hit 60 you send yourself 200ilvl korthia gear and start generating money(gold)

I don’y know, but for me with my hunter actually moving from 215 to 220 was much harder than 200->215.
Reaching 215 seemed fast, though I was upgrading Korthia gear, I did get 226 item from weekli TW quest, I bough 230 blue item for 5k gold, got lucky from world boss to get 233 item, and after getting to around 208, I started applying to m0 groups, and actually in 3 days i did all 8 and was already at 215ilvl. Also doing korthia daily to get small upgrades helped.
But then I hit the wall. I could’ve just joined guild hc alt run which would shower me in gear, but I still wanted to reach at least 220+ so I would be kinda usefull in raid.
So journey from 215 to 220 was long. It’s hard to get into m+ groups, m0 doesn’t give upgrades anymore, etc. I ended up farming +2 keys mostly for valors and small upgrades, also upgraded legendary which gave a lot of ilvl.
I imagine moving from 220 upwards is even harder, but yesterday I went to guild hc run, cleared more easy bosses (8/10), and my ilvl jumped to 231 from a single run. But I think reaching 230 will be super hard without help in m+/raid.

getting showered in gear by entire guild is not a method of gearing, its a priviledge many people dont have :slight_smile:

I dont remember much about Dauntess, but Benthic was much better than what we have now because of potential of secondary damage effects useful in raid, and, unlike korthian arnaments, player being able to target the slot they needed.

Plus pearls were relatively easy to get so alts could buy the tokens themselves.

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It was bis, because of TF. Don’t even want to think about the mindless farm to get a TF Unstable Arcanocrystal.

FYI this feature is coming in 9.1.5


Torments of Torhast is good aswell

if you read what I wrote - I got to 220 by myself, AND 200 - 215 part was actually quick and easy. getting from 215 upwards is much much harder. But I guess my text was to long ^^ so enjoy while you are still in easy part, it will get rough very soon.

I started 8 months too late/after SL launched and I found it fairly easy to get the 220 korthia gear. I wish there were specific armor armaments but other than that it havent been too difficult.
I dont do mythics and I only do lfr. I only do Thorghast when there are quests for it

yea you’re right :slight_smile: I misread the part where you said you could’ve joined a guild run and everything else was written under the assumption you did :slight_smile:

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you have literaly 213 gear droping from rares in korthia atm which you can upgrade to 220 itlv.

its mmorpg - grind a bit .

you can also make your own m+ groups and spam that.