Gehhenas locked

Why is Gehennas locked for transfer?

You mean it is locked again?

when will it be opened?

Probably because it’s most populated server in classic.

Don’t hold your breath

I marked you as spam

Its very populated realm (horde atleast), so Blizz won’t us to transfer to the realm where you can actually have some fun. Better playing on another low pop realm with empty LFG. Never ask Blizz “Why”, you will be dissapointed. :slight_smile:

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You can create new characters on Gehennas even if you don’t have one there yet. They lifted the previous lock and Gehennas is now unlocked for character creation. If you truly believed that you will have fun on Gehennas, you would be levelling right now.

OP was talking about transfers.
To be honest I don’t think that creating a new character is a real solution. Throwing everything into the garbage, just because we have terrible realm design? No way, I am not doing loremaster again. I like my character, I don’t even have another 80 alt.
Thats why people want transfers.
If I want to start all over again, I’d pick some rogue like game or HC Vanilla. Not my case.

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