General RolePlay Guides

These guides are amazing. Love it Tenasa!

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Fantastic advice! Did you know 98% of Roleplay consists of improvised spewing of background information made up on the spot?

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I have updated the guide to include my Narcissus Guides as well! I hope everyone finds them of great use for their events.

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Yo, a new cool guide! Wish I had known that bit about emoting in stealth on my rogue’s first emote combat :weary:


Yes indeed! A new guide has been added, detailing all about STEALTH in roleplay!


Great guide !

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A new guide has been made!

This time, it is about NPCing!


Still a good guide for newcomers!

Thanks for all this! People like you are the ones contributing to the future of this community.

I’ve plans for two more guides to add to the list, coming out soon!


These guides are always a treat! Even if I dont personally play a specific race or class, it’s always fun reading through the guide to learn stuff, and looking at the funny pictures

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A new guide has been added. Another Narcissus guide that details how to add weapons, as well as a few tricks such as adding a thrown weapon and adding shapeshifted forms!

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Great guides!

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I love the guides! This will be really helpful for making my own events!

After a while of hard work and long hours and…

Okay, I really just got lazy and put it off because I like sleeping more.
This is a basic guide on some tips of villain based roleplay. Some tips for the newbies who wish to start their path on the bad guy and evil ways.
May it help us make some more devious doers in our community and beyond!

I found these guides to be excellent refreshers for getting back in the game. I am happy to see such diversity of concepts being adressed but while most of these are excellent the guide on Power Levels kind of doesn’t really address the question you mentioned at the start of the guide.

“How strong are your abilities and your character?”

Instead the guide focuses very specifically on finding creative ways to curb/nerf the power of your character to make things more enjoyable for others and the general message it sends on each of its points can be summarized thusly.

  1. Don’t fight to Kill.
  2. Tone it down and show restraint.
  3. Impose Limitations.
  4. Don’t Overwhelm.
  5. Match Your Opponent
  6. Communicate

In fairness these are all good points and the advice is generally sound but the impression I kind of get from reading this is that you shouldn’t want to roleplay powerful characters. While I acknowledge that there is some stigma associated with that if you have commited yourself to such a concept and end up reading this guide there isn’t really much advice for roleplaying a powerful character specifically, and the guide instead largely focuses exclusively on roleplay etiquette which is great and all but I was kind of dissapointed.

I could make a part 2 that explores more on power levels, for sure. People often forget that certain things are stronger than they really are or not as strong as they think it is.

I think that’d be tremendously useful as this is a topic that has been brought up a lot on the forums over the years.

In-game most things are generally rather dramatically downscaled for the purposes of readability and gameplay so those are some very interesting points that I think would be very helpful to newer roleplayers and veterans alike.

More guides will be added in the new year, and if there are any suggestions of guides people wish to see, post away.

Lovely, concise guides, well-worth the time reading them for anyone already into RP or trying their hands at it anew!

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