<Genesis> [Horde] [Firemaw] [EU] [PvP] Recruiting!

  • Who is Genesis:

Genesis has been an succesful and fun Semi - Hardcore raiding guild with a few server first kills.
We are currently with an solid core from the original Genesis expanding the Genesis guild on Firemaw, more and more old Genesis players slowly come back to us but we would like to expand even more with you!

  • Why Genesis:

We are a Semi - Hardcore raiding guild who has cleared every dungeon and raid on the private server, this is from RFC to Naxxramas were some of the raidlogs of our leaders even are in the charts for best raid logs.
On Firemaw we have ofcourse cleared full Molten Core and Onyxia and we are doing this faster and faster.
At the moment we are searching for people that have the same goals and ambitions as we have wich is having fun, getting loot and clear the raids as fast and clean as possible.
Ofcourse outside of the raids Genesis is doing dungeons, WPVP as well as BG’s when they release.

  • What is Genesis looking for:

Hands on mentality; this means willing to help your guildmates if necessary, bringing all the consumes, World buffs, enchants and right talents and ofcourse pre-raid BiS.
Experience in raiding in MC, BWL, AQ, NAXX is a plus.
Willing to improve the raid and yourself every raid.
Mainly looking for:

  • Resto shamans
  • Resto druids
  • DPS

Are you a different class but still think you would fit in Genesis, please apply to.

  • Additional information:

We are working with an DKP system.
Raid days are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
Raidtimes are from 20:00 until 00:00 Server time.
At the moment we clear Molten core and Onyxia on Sunday, but when more raids release we will expand the raid days.

  • How to apply:
    Join our discord server and go to the Welcome channel.

Contact information:

  • Ingame:
    Bigmadness, Golga, Tooksie, Sass.

Wisper any of the Officers to get an link to the discord or to our website, since its not allowed to post links.

Thank you and welcome to Genesis!

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