Get a Slew of Hearthstone Goodies and More with the Purchase of a 6-Month Subscription!

yikes is this a joke

they really moking the player base now not smart move


Tbh, purely as a business decision, it makes sense - you offer product of lower quality so you offer some sort of discount.

Why did it have to be the 6 month sub though…

If you fix the game, i might be staying. If not, i bid you a fond farewell.


I hate the 6 months subscription with the free mount.

I like cross-promotion of Blizzard games.

I’m not a fan of the WoW subscription.

I like additional value for the money spent on the WoW subscription.

So it’s a yay! and a boo! at the same time.

From a general consumer perspective it’s bad that Blizzard stuffs a bunch of things into the 6 months subscription. But from an individual player perspective it can be great if the bunch of things is to your liking – and you can afford it.

In this case it was to my liking, because I’m an avid Hearthstone player, and I can also afford it! So yay!

But it still deserves scathing criticism to present players with the option of buying a 6 months subscription and getting everything with it, or not doing that and getting nothing at all.
Favoring the players with big wallets is greedy, disregarding those without is shameful.

well this shows blizzard have learned absolutely nothing, and will never change for the better…

time to jump ship people this one is sinking.


a “late april fools joke”

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It’s every man for himself.

But do carry out the conviction of your words with the appropriate action. It would be rather hypocritical to tell others to jump ship and not do so yourself.


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already left the game back in january… havent logged in for longer than 30mins since.

Any goodwill you’ve had is gone.

Fix the game, remove the mandatory chores for power increases on daily lockouts, balance the classes.


So is that what you mean by jumping ship? Stay it touch with the game and play it sporadically?

Fix your company and your game first please


There should be a “flag” button even for blues.


how to push MAUs

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i dont play at all honestly… i do enjoy the forums occasionally though that is about as far as i go with the game now…

i did intend to go back to the game and i bought a 6 month sub… i made a new character to level, i didn’t even make it past exiles reach before i realised i was wasting my time and that nothings changed for the better yet.

so yea i got a fair few months of game time and nothing to do with it but the forums occasionally , i sure as hell wont be logging into wow anytime soon.

Their Promo team is rather crap.
Stingy as hell (sales, free days,…), tone deaf and greedy.

Another one of those department that could use some clearing and fresh blood for some improvements for the players.

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Now just need something for us who dont play heartstone… A mount and a Toyota is not enough bait to hook me

They learned nothing.

This proves it.

This right here seriously shows they don’t understand. I’ma start talking to my friends and really consider where else we can go and spend our money on.

Apparently 200 million for Bobby wasn’t enough.

What if you already had sub?

If you have a 6 month sub active on the 1st of September than you got the goodies.
Mine stops tomorrow and I still got the newly added Hearthstone nonsense.

No. /manynos