Get a Slew of Hearthstone Goodies and More with the Purchase of a 6-Month Subscription!

Get a Slew of Hearthstone Goodies and More with the Purchase of a 6-Month Subscription!

For a limited time, you can get a slew of Hearthstone goodies, the brilliant Sapphire Skyblazer mount, and the Imp in a Ball toy, with the purchase of the 6-Month subscription to World of Warcraft.

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Really scrapping the bottom of the barrel here for those much-needed subs eh?


The game is garbage, scandals on blizzard multiplying, 9.1.5 doesn’t even address 1/10 of what’s wrong with the game and will probably come half december at best, and people are quitting the game.

A store mount. Yes, a store mount ! That’s what we need ! That’s what fixes the game ultimately. Activision is so obvious in their money milking.

You should be ashamed of treating customers who have been loyal for decades this way.


I think they dug so low they went through the bottom of the barrel and about a meter into the ground below it. I think the barrel was on a landfill site as well.

Coming next: Free Overwatch goodies with a six month Warcraft Sub. Watch this space.


Listen to me here, I’m dead serious they will start doing your literal chores a few months from now, just for your sub money.
Tired of doing homework? Send us your papers and we will solve your school homework for you, while you grind korthia dailies !!! Just for 6 month subscribers !!!
Don’t have time to do your groceries? Buy the limited 2 year subscription, and Blizzard employees will bring food to your doorstep, so you don’t miss any of the Maw Assault !!!
Feeling stressed out doing your 952th Torghast run on your Alts? We can provide massage services, for long time subscribers !!!

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Yawn - enough of 6 month sub crap.


I think it’s so hilarious captain grimm made a video where blizz releases a 6 month sub bundle amid the crisis they’re dealing with, and knowing blizz, they actually did.

Predictable and and Disappointing.


Of course that person liked the 6 month sub announcement, and of course this is still a SUB only and no block time thing. I will always denounce the awful 6 month ball and chain to pad Koticks wallet.

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Haha, the timing of this, this is just beyond sad.
Shows that you’re not listening to the community at all.
We don’t want these dogsh*t terrible forced incentives to play your game.
Make the game good and people will play.
Beyond sad.


Screw your bribe! you don’t deserve the my sub


When do we get the 12 month sub option?

the sad reality is that so many pet battling casuals will actually buy it

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Absolutely no shame.


i’m criticizing blizzard for bad design and ruining wow with weird systems
but what you are saying is some next lvl mary jane nonsence :smiley:

This is no longer possible
because the people who understand what WORLD OF WARCRAFT is left the company
we are now stuck with the people who think they know
but BFA and SHADOWLANDS showed us people in charge right now don’t understand legacy veterans left behind for them
that is really SAD

It’s exactly like Masters of the Universe fiasco
people loved the show for what it WAS
but netflix and kevin smith Thought he knows better then FANS.

Too soon…


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Honestly could not be LESS excited about things that aren’t WoW goodies. :expressionless:

I get that they do cross promotions but using the six monthly sub format for it is rubbish.


Fix your game.


WHY are you doing this?

Honestly, did you not understand the players ire from before?

Blizzard, if anything, delete this post. I’m saying this not trying to tell you what to do, but to tell you to save yourselves.