Get Into the Grid of Things with the Updated UI and HUD

Get Into the Grid of Things with the Updated UI and HUD

Explore a customizable HUD and UI designed to be adjustable, effective, attractive, and accessible to everyone.

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When can we see enemy cooldowns/buffs/debuffs in pvp w/o resort to external addons?

Is it possible to also use this ui in classic servers?

Except the visually impaired. (Grey tiny icons that cannot be changed)


I tired to Blizz I did but I am now back with my trusty Elvui. I just can’t make your UI do what I want and I am used to. Needs much more configuration options and the ability to do things like hide tooltips in combat, easy delete, bulk buy etc. Back to the addons it is for me.

When I set party to raid frames I can usually see the pets, now it doesn’t work. If I am in a raid I can make pets show though.

I know its just a band aid fix, but you talk about those small thingies on right below bags , like adventure journal, shop, colections etc, there is a WA to make it colored again. And then maybe use whole UI scale to make it bigger …

It’s broken, and basic. Poor job. Better buy some of the add-ons and add them to your game.

I like the new UI so far. I’ve managed to create a setup that I like. It still needs some further development to be able to move the parts that we cannot now: bags and XP bar. It would be nice if we could resize the minimap. It is clean and modern. You could have added a preset for the old UI in case people wanted to recreate that one.

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