Get the Burden of Unrelenting Justice Transmog Set

Like i said you have no idea what they were asked to do some assuming is just making you look silly and like a vicious child.

Sure. Maybe they were asked to make bad decision.

You really have no idea what you are on about and just talking nonsense now and making incoherent rambling’s so just going to mute you now sorry.

The thing is: This wasn’t a one person decision.
This was most likely discussed during some meeting. And it’s so strange that nobody there just said ‘people are going to hate it’, because of course people are. Transmog is all about looking the way you want to look. Not the look being forced on you.

Sometimes Blizzard do these weird things that can’t really be explained with common sense.


stick to one color please, and night elfs only.

Thank you for all of your feedback, we agree that it would be best to have individual set options as well and are going to deliver those to you in the upcoming Seeds of Renewal update. All players who have completed 12 months will get the two additional sets retroactively and any new players that hit 12 months will get all 3 sets immediately.


Not bad transmog!

ty so much for the huge news

Oh, I absolutely love my colour changing fey drake, and my pet Twilight! I am not a fan of my colour changing tiger tho, but that is because I hate the yellow and green combo. Luckily I pretty much always play when it is white.

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The more important question: where are my day/night shifting weapons to go with it?

I feel like you have already planned this, but had to give the impression of listening to your players before officially announcing it.

The majority of the player base has been providing feedback on this since the data-mining of the set.

Thanks I guess. :yawning_face:

Its never enough for some people :roll_eyes:

Lmao it was a joke

this is great and all but we need some colour changing weapons too blizz to match the armor :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you for making it three sets, awesome!

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This is great news


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so i´m guessing other races will have the night elf lore mog?

Thank you for listening.

I hardly think it’s reasonable to only reward it to Night Elf players for using the Trading post for 12 months.

but but puny!!! aaaaa can you imagine a gnome loooking like this?

sure your blood elf will look hot in it they are hot no matter what they wear. what about them beefy humans?

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