Get the Jade, Bright Foreseer Mount with the Purchase of a 6-Month Subscription

Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely, I want one.

But why not reward it to people who have been subbed for 6 months by any mechanism, rather than offer it as a bribe for another 6 months sub?

Same effect, but massive psychological difference :smile_cat:

Edit: also, does it fly like a dragon? Because if not… phew. Oops.

The bunny is adorable. I need one.

I will have to save up for it.

and the pet is only available in classic because…? is there ANY reason? “hey look, a nice new pet that you can only play in an expansion you got bored of fifteen years ago! isn’t that great? why is nobody excited?”

the model is really cute, love the carrots and bandana and stuff but i’m kinda sick of these boring blue wet things, like this would’ve been so much better as a pink easter bunny or even the same colours as the pet

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Yay! Dinner!

I understand that Chinese new year is associated with an element as well as an animal (ok, so just discovered this!LOL). Now the fact it is made out of water makes more sense…

I still want a fluffy one though!

Is this another mount almost useless because we can’t use it in Dragonflight?

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the store mounts what does not fly is normlay 15 euros why is this bunny 25 euros ?
are u saying this silly bunny mount is a fly mount ?

yes it flies.

Wellllll… That’s generous.
It ‘hops in the air’ which looks absolutely stupid and irritating. It should’ve received spectral wings, honestly.

But sure… Technically it ‘flies’.

As a carrot to make people play classic, and then eventually it will carry over to retail only if the character that unlocked it has it in classic.

Vulpine Familiar>other store mounts.

Yeah. Water years end in 2 and 3, so that’s why the rabbit has the same theme as the tiger. The dog and pig mounts from 2018 and ‘19 do fit their years’ earth-theme as well. Still, 2020 and 2021 were both metal years but only the ox looks the part. The rat mount actually doesn’t have anything particularly metally going on at all(?) and has regular fur. So I guess they can deviate at least a little bit if they choose to.

Besides, none of the previous mounts resemble the other mount of their element this much as this one does the tiger.

Yeah, I think they just phoned it in, honestly. Just re-using the tiger’s watery effect was probably cost effective.
I hate it.

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