Get the Nether-Gorged Greatwyrm with a 6-Month Subscription

This wyrm would have been fitting for the blood elf questline. Alas, it’s an unique model.


Fair point.

Derailing threads is not nice either.

It’s a bot account. There’s no guarantee that anyone from the staff will read your comment.

Besides the ones who do read this forum are community managers, that means you’re relying on a telephone game to have your message delivered if they even pick up on it among all the posts.

If you want any hope this will be addressed go tweet the devs or something, or convince a streamer/youtuber to talk to them about it.

Yes incoming definitions of the word ‘free’


Always thought it was odd that those who had tcg loot back in the day couldn’t use them on classic as the vendor is still there in game.

Let me use my frost tabards on classic :disappointed_relieved:


  • without cost or payment.

Good looking mount, unfortunately I won’t ever sub to a game for more than 1 month at a time.

Hopefully we can see something similar as part of a puzzle or reward for a cool quest chain in the future?

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Must be your first 6 month mount thread?

TCG tabard with the wow sub? Oh no blizzard… I hope you’re prepared for the amount of rage comments you’re about to receive… Batten down the hatches people we’re in for a bumpy ride!

(Swift spectral tiger when?)


Why did it edit the post twice then?

sure will resub when 10.0 is good. So go to work blizz

Been here for a long time.

Blizz might be somewhat clueless about the game these days, but when it comes to making money, me thinks they already know they will profit from this.

The mount and tabard is a bonus. Take it or leave it

I’m with Starney on this, let’s eat popcorn


Another player that will receive a free mount here, also waiting for haters telling me is not free. Yet, I do not have any movement from Blizzard charging me for the mount. So, it is free.


How exactly do you know the OP is a bot account? He or she edited twice.

It’s like the conspiracy theory about the Green posters having some ban powers.

I don’t have Twitter or don’t even know how it works.

The fact the only way to reach them is Twitter is hilarious. Then what exactly is the forums for?

Anyway I’m done having this conversation.

Love it, would be even more awesome to get a 2nd version with gold/purple/starcursed gems for VE, but hey, I take everything with a happy smile that’s designed for thalassian elves! Keep the goodies coming!

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Salted, sweet, or a new one to me, cheesy?

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I think the technical term is gift with purchase.
So there’s a requirement there, which wouldn’t be the case if it was truly free.

Minor nitpicking, but still… :smirk:

Anyway, nice mount I suppose. It vibes nicely with Blood Elves I think. It looks like a larger version of the tiny mana wyrm in the TBC cinematic that the Blood Elf conjured. Which is pretty cool.


6 month sub is the cheapest sub option. They could just not give you a mount for it at all if they wanted to.


I am a simple man. I consider that If my money is the same before and after receiving something it means that something is free and today Blizzard hasn’t charged me anything.

I already did that purchase 3 months ago to receive 6 months of WOW without knowing in advance about this mount and already received those 6 months.

I did because it is cheaper, and in 3 months I will pay again for 6 months without caring about the next 6-month reward. For all I care they can remove it, I will still pay it because I know I won’t unsub so I will always use the cheaper option.

For someone who is not already in a 6-month subscription it could be a gift with purchase because he needs to purchase the 6 months now to receive the mount, but for me is free.