Getting into Mechagon CITY (not the island) with teleport SOLVED!

Edit:- I knew there was a way!! These things often make themselves clear when you’ve just asked about them, eh? x)

So, you have to complete the questline Kelsey gives you - the one to unlock Mechagnomes in the first place, where you heal up Mechatorque - and at the end of that chain, the teleports into Mechagon City are opened up!!

It’s kind of obvious but not at the same time, I guess?

Hooray! * happily lopes about Mechagon City on Mechagon Mechanostrider!*

Hi there - I’ve been looking for an answer to this for quite a while and can’t find a solution anywhere, so I hope someone can help me.

I’m a bit frustrated my 120 Rustbolt Exalted Mechagnome can’t get back into her own home town! I’m not talking about Mechagon Island, or the dungeon, but the actual Mechagon City where the Mechagnomes live. And before you say it, the portal in Stormwind, next the the Allied Race building only takes you to the upper platform. There is what seems to be a second teleport down the ramp from there, but standing on it doesn’t do a thing for my poor homesick Mechagnome.

The thing I’m baffled by is that my 120 Troll Rogue, who is also Exalted with Rustbolt, can use the portal at the Horde entrance to Rustbolt and can happily get into the city and explore there.

So I can only think there’s a blueprint my Mechagnome doesn’t have, or a bit of storyline she hasn’t completed, or something like that.

Can anyone help me solve this mystery?

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

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It’s the same thing with the Nightborne, who only get a small portion of Nighthold for them. Seems that for some reason they didn’t want to give them and the mechagnomes full access to their respective cities.

Even Mechagnomes don’t like Mechagnomes and they are glad if someone finally leave… and they will do everything to don’t let them back? :thinking:
No other solution or answer for your question at the moment i’m afraid :man_shrugging:
Please return after 2588 cycle to consult MOTHER

Can feel your pain little mechanised monstorsity…
I’m too anoyed, can’t step out from the very small portion of the Nighold to my own city to walk around without being attacked my own people!
Sad life is the Allien races’ life…
Well we at least have some portion of our cities… Vulpera and Mag’har don’t even have that
And the Mag’har lose their “embassy” in Orgrimar in SL
So we are the lucky ones

I do appreciate all your replies - thank you very much - but why can my Troll Rogue go there? She can literally teleport in and wander about the city, with all the mechagnomes living there. So it’s like a non combat version of the dungeon? In fact, when Mechagnomes were on the PTR, that’s where they started.

I can’t believe the Horde can get into it but the Alliance can’t! It seems to weird!

While the noble gnomes respected the Mechagnomes privacy, the Goblins shamelessly stole the acces codes to the city… :smirk:
Never trust a Goblin!
Even Kiro is sceptical about them
True story

Dark irons only get part of their city aswell

Solved it! See my first post for explanation. :slight_smile:

Happy for you
You are still creepy tho
But I’m happy for you non the less
Not envy tho’, the whole world, Azeroth and beyond is Vulpera hometown, thanks to the camping racial and caravan hyena :fox_face:


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