Getting to Outland. Now VS Then

Hey. So i got to level 58 and took the quest to Outland. That quest telling me to talk to Thrallmar mage at Orgrimmar portal room and what not to take a portal to Nlasted lands and walk through the Dark portal to get to Stairs of destiny…

At Orgrimmar portal room.

-Cant find the mage
-Guide tells me to take a portal to SHATTRATH instead.
-Teleport to Shatrath
.Guides player to Stairs of destiny
-A ride with my mount?
-Player terribly confused!

Back at the good old times when all was not messed up by Blizzard.

Go to portal to Blasted lands at Orgrimmar go through to the blasted lands. Talk to NPC standing at the table, go through the Dark portal and

Adventure begins.

I mean was the phasing exactly for this sort of thing? So that things dont need to change until its time? So that tjhe trip to Outland for example could be done as it has allways been done… I mean the Legion is yet to happen… REALLY it is in the future, not in the past as far as character and Outland quests are involved… Exepy Cataclysm allready messed timeline up so that i start in the future, then go to past from there and hop through time more but with less sense than anything thus far. Even Dr Who would say #Too wibblywobbly".

Was this all really necessary? What made the design of the game so lazt, that all these inconsistencies and confusing stuff was “Must be there”?

Even in just travel point of perspective, why does things need to be made more complicated when they aere easy and well done?

The timeline seems like a mess and with the portals seemingly having limitations and they apparently cant exist in so many places at once and phasing cant fix stuff where it was meant to be the thing to make timelines and such feel consistent and cohesive? Is the engine too outdated even if they say everything can be done here? Is all this mess due engine limitations or flawed design or both?

I mean so much is also removed. Zeppelins and boats that cant seem to be fixed. Parts of quests and intos like going to Vash’Jir which should be possible with phasing like should be possible the assault to Twilight highlands. Well made stuff that has taken time to develop gone waste by being removed.

Finally i found the mage and this made it easy, but it was confusing when the tracker says “Take portal to Shattrath” and the portal is marked on the map while the mage was not. Could not see the mage but that was due my visual impairment. Still, the points i made stand. Especially timeline and cohesive storytelling stuff.

Feels bad to rant so i just stop and try to get to Stairs of Destiny. Good gaming folks :slight_smile:

Oh… Please support this if you will. Thanks <3


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I did the same spoke to mage in SW for Dark Portal as I wanted farm some mog ended up in WoD was not pleased .

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Wdym ? I’m pretty sure at 58 i recieved a quest asking me to pick between Outland and Norfrend, and upon picking Outland the quest send me to the npc in front of the shattrat portal which TP’ed me in the blasted lands for the usual BC intro

The PNJ was there in Orgrimmar at least

Edit : read the whole post… Mb (though the 2nd part was unrelated)

I actually missed that NPC next to the portal. It is quite dark for me there and when the quest tracker pointed me to Shat’rath portal and i went through that, i got confused.

It also did not help that i had hard time reading the text with my visual impairment. Previously addon talked them all to me but thats not working right now and im missing quite a bit of all sorts of texts in the game.

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Knowing how it is usually handled beware!
“Oopsie, we hear you, we will remove portals to not confuse players.”

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The Undercity still has a portal to the Dark Portal in Outland. It’s in the mage quarter where it’s always been. You get there fastest by taking the portal from the Org zeppelin tower (but going to Silvermoon and using the orb of translocation also still works, but it ports you in the ruins, not into Undercity itself, so it’s more useful for going to Howling Fjord by portal on the zeppelin tower right outside)

HAHA! True that. I think portal system was best at WOTLK era and that system should have been expanded. Constant adding, removing and moving those portals and changing where they go is not something i much like.


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