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GG Is currently recruiting!

Our guild can be considered “not that casual” as we strive to be the best individually and as a whole. We want to experience the most out of the game itself, whilst keeping a fun, friendly yet competitive atmosphere. We currently have Ony, MC (10/10) and BWL (8/8) on farm and are ready to blast through the upcoming phases.

Further Guild Information
Loot is handled in a fair DKP system with weekly decay. Our raid days are currently Wednesday (BWL+MC+Ony) and sometimes Sunday (When a second Ony is possible). We also organize just as many alt raids which are also on farm.

We are looking for
We expect you to have (at least) full pre-bis, full enchants and consumables with preferably some raid pieces.

Currently recruiting:

  • Healers
  • DPS (Minus memes and hunters)

Whisper me in-game, or send me a message on Discord for more info!

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