Ghostlands + Connected Realms

Hey all

So i’m aware that Ghostlands, Dragonblight, The Maelstrom, Deathwing, Karazhan and Lightnings Blade are all connected realms but is it just the Alliance side that seems to be so low on numbers?

I know with the massive ammount of content draught right now, people are struggling to log on and do things like Raid / M+ etc. But when i’ve been looking for new players to join / new people to raid with, it just seems like the Alliance has so few numbers.

Currently Odyssey have been running a 2-2-6 setup but are looking to fill numbers / possible guild merge with another guild to try and figure out to raid as split guild or something else.

Anyone got any thoughts?

I think the Retail low population problem is being blantanly being ignored, when it comes to support. My best guess is they’ll re-asses our pleas after 9.1.5 and only then take action.

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