Ghosts Of Vanilla Alonsus Past

My Dear Alonsus Veterans.

With classic arriving in 3 months, I found myself thinking about where it all began for me. 2005, Vanilla, Alonsus and my guild The Highland Banana Cult.

I think back to the remarkable memories and friendships which followed.

The stupid stuff I got up to.

The late Friday night dungeon spam with the boys on vent.

It all came back to me.

So I decided to pop on, sub and check alonsus out.

The only evidence of this realms glorious past that I can see is that Ascendance are still alive, which is nice to see. But so many names and guilds I remember clear as day have gone or been forgotten.

Without going off on a tangent too much, I’m not sure if when Classic releases, Alonsus will be a realm available to roll on but I’m interested and hopeful to find out if any other old OGs from Alonsus are planning on returning to classic.

All I remember is your guild causing mayhem through BC and the tail end of Wotlk. A lot of fun was to be had on either faction.

I watched as the population of Alonsus decayed at the end of Wotlk through Cataclysm and decided to move after seeing Alonsus all but dead on the Alliance side, i’ve quit many times but I’ll always log into Alonsus just to check back home.


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