Ghoul gone after death, flightpath and mount (unholy specc)


I have an unholy deadknight with talent points in Master of ghouls. So my summoned ghoul should stay my pet, this was all well, until today. Every time I die, fly on my mount and get back to the ground or use a flightpath, my ghoul is gone. Before this he appeared from the ground.Its very annoying when I have to summon him with the dust everytime even if I have spent talent points to let him stay. Do more unholy DK’s have this problem?

Greetings Michelle

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Today the same problem excists, I have to buy corpse dust everytime…its super annoying. The ghoul does not stay even if I have the talent point that he will be permanent. Today I have reset my talents, doesn’t work. It happens in the kalimdor and outland.
@Blizzard help pls?

greetings Michelle

I’m not sure why this is happening but it’s happening to me and I assume everyone, it might be something to do with the fact that it’s not a “real” baseline pet since it must be talented into but that’s just speculation. In any case the best thing you can do atm is to buy the minor glyph that removes the reagent cost, the pet will still be dismissed but you won’t have to spend any corpse dust to resummon it again at least. I think the glyph is called Glyph of Raise Dead.

Thanks, Glad to know its not just me. Glyphs are available when Lich King hits at the end of september right, from the shop in Dalaran?

Thanks again for your answer:)

I hope this will get fixed fast, and not that we have to think of ways to make it easier tho :confused:

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