Give us a free app to 100lvl!


Good day. This topic was created to try to shout to Blizzard. I’m talking about a free up to the 100th lvl. I suggest that EVERYONE write in this thread that it is not fair that they send up only to those who do not play. And for those who constantly play and pay for the subscription, only … nothing (I know about the mount from the event, please do not write about it. The topic is not about that). So I propose to TRY and ACHIEVE what we want. On us and eu realms, this works. Are we worse? All come here.

P.S. This theme was created thanks to Google translator, because I do not know English (´・ᴗ・ )


As a massive altaholic, I hate the idea of power levelling like that anyway. Want a 120 alt, go put some effort in to it. No intention of using an alt once its 120, don’t make one.


I think its not fair to give people who do not play a free service that active players would need to pay 50 euro for. However i personally don’t like boosting my characters like this because that class and character will feel alien to me, i generally end up deleting them or not playing them at all. Didnt mind it for the free passive income during WoD though xD

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No because new players need to understand the abilities and spells and rotations and so on to understand how to be effective at the class they play and this kind of thing would mean that inexperienced players would then cause issues for long term players who have done stuff the hard way over the years.

It also comes off as a little insulting as well.


New players that have BfA already get a 110 boost included, so that point is moot.

I think it’s terrible for new players in general to boost - not for the sake of older players, who already protect themselves pretty well with RIO and suchlike - but for themselves.

Returning players who have levelled to max in other expansions should be mostly OK, though it can be hard even for them to get their heads around the bizarre and unnaturally complicated maze of systems that envelop 120 in BfA.

I think all boosts are bad though, so in general that’s a no from me.

The problem is, if unsubbed players are being given something that subbed players aren’t, that’s not something that engenders a great feeling among the current base.

OTOH I get why Blizzard might want to grab onto the wave of interest in Classic.

I dunno.


Sorry, what free service?

I have literally no idea what you’re referring to…

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I believe they are talking about this.


The most ironic here imo is that it’s lvl 100, not 110 or 120.

Legion is confirmed as last real expansion.

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A free boost to level 100 for people who haven’t played for ages who STILL have to pay to reactivate an inactive sub. (unless they also wangle themselves a free month, anyone know?)

Sorry but I fail to see what the issue is here apart from a very bitter tasting sweetener to try and encourage people who presumably haven’t played since WoD…

To pick up where they left off and start in Legion.
With an alt.
Presumably a brand new demon hunter. So unless they’re getting a sub for scot free…

So let me get this straight. people are unhappy because Blizzard are trying to encourage people who haven’t played for a while to come back and play.

And this is a bad thing… Why?? Here was me thinking WoW was dying and needed all the active subs it could get. Oh of course. A sweetie for them. Not for you. OK I get it now.


Why can’t I have a candy too?
It is a valid concern… :thinking:

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If it had cost blizz anything then sure, but it would’ve literally cost them nothing to give everyone a free 100 boost. Would it be any less enticing for returning players if someone who’s been subbed forever got one too? Probably not.

I don’t personally care about the boost, but the moves they’ve been making lately including this one makes it very apparent how little they care about their existing playerbase and that’s sad.


yeah thats what i guessed this topic was about as well


I got a free level 100 and I just use it to insult /2 while waiting for Classic to release. The game is horrible and even worse at higher levels. You are not missing out on anything


Honestly I would understand if it was 120 or 110 lvl, but 100 lvl boost cost Blizzard nothing. Give it to everyone.


Sneaky bugger :laughing:

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Yeah I hate it so much, leveling is cancer as hell and with a 110 boost I would have actually considered to try out the alliance side. And that dragon mount will be another useless mounts like other dragon mounts.


This is so unfair. They should have respect and give us all who actually deserve it, altoholics, people who want to start a new fresh life in a new faction, race or class. Seriously they are just throwing fuel on the fire. “Hello I want to give you a gift you don’t care about.”


Yeah would be great, since i am currently leveling a lot of twinks and im kinda bored


I have to agree with this, I got carried away with boosts and ended up having multiples of each class, I lost touch with the game and only recently came back.

I was adamant I’d stick to my OG warrior but I also had my DK lying around so picked him back up. Hand levelled this one and remembered how much I loved the content and class.

Boosts are great and all for the people that need them but I do think they can take away from the game.


I have to agree, please give ALL players this.