Giveaway 20.3.2021

Thank you everyone on our realm being active with auction house.

I have recently earned achievement “Murky” proud owner of Blizzcon 2005 battle pet. This finished my journey for acquiring all blizzcon 2005 to 2020. I have also earned trading card game mounts 17/17, all pets, toys and tabards. All with gold.

I want to thank our server for some mounts I have crafted.
3x Sky Golems, 8x Vial of the sands and 8x Mechano-Hog.

I will be hosting giveaway on 20.3.2021 I 18 Server time

I want you to post in this topic which mount you would prefer from my list. I will use number generator to roll out mounts with the number you get from posting to this topic. I will reroll if there is any winner with #1 as I’m first the post in this topic. I will update the topic on saturday with every winner. I hope you will post on your main char, so I can contact right person after the event.

Thank you everyone. And good luck!

Sky Golem would be nice

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Woah, that’s quite a feat! Good job and congratulations!
If i am to win this random raffle i would love a Vial, one of the mounts i’m missing ^^

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Vial of the sands, kiitos ja onnea ^^

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Paljon onnee että on kokoelma valmis nyt.

Arvonnasta kelpais Vial of the sands.


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Vial Of The Sands would be awesome :smiley:

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GZ ja Sky Golem

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Onnittelut! Vial of the Sands

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GZ! Vial of the sands

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I have now send all the mounts out for people who attended. Sadly I disqualified Keilani for being trial character and might not be ever again logged. And avaruusmaagi is different server.

Congraz for the winners Maisié, Crish, Taera, Aleithi, Shimmertwill and Plätky.

I didn’t had to roll this time as there werent too many people to attend :slight_smile:

I hope all the best for everyone enjoying rest of the Shadowlands!

Not a trial character. Just lvl 50 boosted one so the gear looks like that. But no worries, it’s all good :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! It was awesome to see the mount getting delivered in the mailbox! Much appreciated and best luck to everyone! ^^

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