[Gnome RP] [Interest Check] Colloquium: Learning from Gnomeregan


Hail Hydra, Gnomes, Gnomettes and sentient bots.

I have the half-formed idea of creating a little recurring discussion event centered on gnomes, to discuss possibilities for a future after Gnomeregan. Beyond getting gnome characters together the idea would be to have a place to find people for gnome/science-centric RP projects and possibly have a bit of in-character fundraising for your ideas.

For the format I thought about havin a speaker presenting an idea for the future, based on the lessons learned from Gnomeregan and then a chaotic, hopelessly undermoderated, gnomish discussion about it. Topics could be fun stuff like “Trogg-proofing environments”, “Learning from the best - Surpassing the Titans”, “Biological research for a Trogg-free future”, “Reclaiming and improving - Gnomeregan salvage” or “Diplomacy - Making the tall ones believe that reconquering Gnomeregan was their idea all along”… just to pull a few ideas out of hat.

For this project to be worth bothering with I would have to know that there are enough people out there who would not only be interested in sitting in on an event like this, but maybe even holding a presentation at one point.

So… I’m throwing it out there now, so I will remember I had this idea and can know if it makes sense to try it here. It probably won’t be happening in the next weeks, so it might be a bit long-term.



Hi, Glib here,

Since it has been only a day, and I was hoping for a bit more than no reaction at all, I’ll push this once. Yup, still interested in feedback on this.


Definitely interested! It would be amazing to have Gnome RP Guild and Community here in Hydraxian! c:


Whoo hoo!
Gnomes unite!

I think meeting up and pool our intel is a great idea.
Later on though, I think we should go to Gnomeregan and kick butt!!
That’s our place and we don’t need anyone but ourselves to take it back!
Go gnomes!

we might wanna bring a consultant or two who knows something about healing…


Rest assured, neighbours, that your dwarven brothers and sisters will back you up and patch you up, whenever needed!


I would be very interested in this. Gnomes unite!