Go chat warning with chat disabled

Dear Blizzard employees,

I got chat warning for behavior on top right of my screen after trying out blood DK in solo shuffle (it was trash but come on 4 games my bad for thinking of trying out blood DK).
Fun thing though my chat is disabled so I clearly get mass reported and your system is getting weaponized.
Maybe do something about it? Appealing this isn’t an option as its just a warning. But you bully people out of doing anything in your game. I am certainly reaching my limit with your clown show as people can grief their heart out. Yet you will let people weaponize your reporting system for bullying people out of all your games.
I don’t expect anything from you guys as those days are very far behind however I thought I would keep this as a record.
Good luck and have fun destroying the communities of your games on the behalf imaginary fragile human beings that somehow cannot find a way to turn on their chat filter or the ignore button and need an extra report button on top of that.


You’re having 2 seperate issues, the chat warning icon and this:

I’ll address the warning part. Being reported will only remind you with a warning about the rules, and is not a written warning you can appeal against. Therefore no additional action is needed by either you or the GM’s.

That there’s is a chat filter or ignore option does not mean rulebreakers gets a free pass to misbehave in the game. It is meant as a first line of protection against unwanted behaviour and the ignore is after said behaviour has already occured.

Reporting it to Blizzard so that Blizzard may deal with the offender to prevent it from spreading towards others is therefore entirely normal.

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People probably report you from party frame to something no matter what you did cause you played blood dk in shuffle which is tank. Mind you healers get these notices constant even when playing chat disabled aswell, I imagine healers collect hundreds reports through day like this if they play shuffle. The report system is bad to put it mild and so is shuffle and I assume even less heals will play it in season 4.

dunno if you ask me youre the one bullying people by playing a freaking tank in pvp and therefore the reports are fully deserved

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Blame Blizzard for allowing tank specs in PvP, and allowing them to queue to SS.

It doesn’t matter what spec the person was playing, an automated system SHOULD NOT be able to have the power to suspend and even ban your account just because of false flagging.

This isn’t something specific to tanks. It happens with healers too. Heck, some guy not long ago got reported for having a pet with the default name.

I believe we are not sure if it was because of a default name or if the person actually had a different name before it got forcefully changed and the email came after the forced namechange.

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If you’re reported a lot (the threshold is very high) in a given time, you can be squelched, that means temporarily muted from social systems. You’re not silenced or suspended from the game as that requires GM intervention and a squelch is not deemed a written penalty.

A squelch upon review will be either overturned or if anything rule breaking is found be turned into the appropriate silence, suspension or even a game ban.

This was proven to be an penalty case from several years ago, plus the penalty email was cut short by the then penalised player. The case was not clarified by them if it was truly like that or not, but the snippet was taken out of context.

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I have never once gotten a warning and I don’t play with chat disabled. I’ll even call warriors leaping across the arena and charging out of sight/range “zug zug brains” in chat and no warnings.

Most of the time I don’t say much though because if I tell the DPS what they’re doing wrong, they could fix it when they go against me. Which could result in me losing. Instead I go 3-3 when they go 0-6.

My post is related the report system. That is the point here lets try stick on the topic.

What are they doing different than me to collect those reports?

I’ve been shuffling in all seasons of DF as a healer and not once have I gotten a warning, even with chat being on, lol.

This season I’ve played 424 rounds on my main, I’ve played 477 on a second healer(which I used mainly for warm up games before I logged my main) and 263 on a third healer. No warnings.

Single person and their personal observations of receive or not receive warnings have nothing to do with the issue of how people are abusing the report system in game.

Addressing what you’re saying and pointing to it not happening to me even with so many rounds played, despite the claim that it’s widely spread, is “spamming”, when I made 2 posts?

How do I manage to dodge all these people all the time in both m+ and pvp when people claim it’s oh so widespread?

Havent asked of warnings. However directly replying to me on my post which stated that people constantly make false reports in game which is a well known matter, informing me of personal experience of something which has nothing to do with the issue of people abusing report system.


You’re claiming it to be a widespread problem.

With how much I’ve played, surely I should’ve gotten a warning then. It’s impossible that I dodge them constantly.

But I haven’t.

These people are doing something different than me that gets them targeted with reports and it’s not widespread.

Personally receiving warning or not has nothing to do with people being able abuse report system which they very much do.

You’re lying about how much it happens. Why should I just let that pass by? You’re doing yourself no favors by this.

“hurr, healers get these notices constantly”.

No, that’s a blatant lie.

If you don’t want people addressing your lies, don’t post them.

yeah for some reason people think Tanks are not allowed to play PvP SoloQ

ive had it too

Its well known that people abuse in game report system, dont know why any would try deny it either. Op is good example to who this has happent, I dont like tanks in arenas so much yet I dont think its functional system if people can make reports in game for any number of reasons they think to invent just cause they dont like his spec, this makes it false reporting and bad system if anyone receives action or warning from it.

Just aswell if you have said to someone “use iceblock” and he has reported you, you will not receive nothing of it. If you receive x amount false reports to trigger gm look into you it will be added in the bundle of reports send of you and some can interpret that one incident as actionable, all reports count hence and make the system bad. Healers and fotm specs and tanks farm reports when they play shuffle, we can see people doing it constant even on stream.

I’m expecting mine to arrive just cause I whisper this surv hunter ‘GG’ even though he was mocking me the entire solo shuffle :joy::ok_hand:

His response was ‘reported, bb’

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You know a system is rubbish when the playerbase actively know they can abuse it to punish people for no reason.

Blizzard may be saving money from not hiring real people to evaluate reports, but the integrity of the game is falling down the pooper. So is it really worth it?

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