Goblin Shaman RP For A Player Who Likes To Be Impactful In Lore

As a player who loves lore and is heavily involved in the idea of being ‘‘impactful’’ in the world, I am struggling to find my place as a Goblin shaman who are probably the least shamanistic playable race. I like the idea that the elements do not care for physical status, whether you’re a huge Orc or a wily Vulpera, the elements can be harnessed by the worthy to devastating effect.

I get how they get their abilities, bargains etc, but I can’t see an honourable revered Orc following my orders which I imagine is disrespectful to them and their culture of honour and honouring their ancestors.

Are Goblins capable of being noble or selfless or are there any in the lore that serve the world and not exploit it?

I’ve tried the concept of being like a lowkey explorer or treasure hunter making his way in the world but the nature of the story of us being Garrison owning, Warchief ending, space-travelling superheroes, it’s hard to be modest… :rofl:

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To me, the simple solution is to RP all my characters as much lower ranking than king-slaying order hall leaders and Alliance Emissaries or Speakers of Horde.

I find the concept of RPing as the WoW equivalent of Djenghis Khan or Alexander the Great, etc., very unappealing, so I… don’t.

I put my characters on or below the power level of those generic troops we get for mission tables in Legion.

Regarding goblins, I RP mine as barely half as greedy as the abbrasive NPCs, hoping to make my goblins a little more likeable and trustworthy to their Horde allies.

My goblin went through some humbling experiences in her youth, and also came to the conclusion that being more respectful to the elements benefits her more in the long run, than Gallywixing them. She still appreciates financial prosperity, but she doesn’t entirely lose her head, and she’s not extreme in her pursuit of it.

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I like this interpretation. Similarly for me, I find the story lore difficult to work around from a humble adventurer perspective as we’re essentially ranked higher than kings, warchiefs, empresses and gods. I much prefer a downscaled version of my character, not saviour of reality and planes of existence

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I understand what you mean.

Goblins can reach those positions, but they have to earn it. How you go about earning it is up to you.

This character earned respect by being kind, humble, altruistic, and emotional support for her Warband and patients alike.

She’s always learning, never backs down from a fight, but despite her sugary sweetness, say the wrong thing and she’ll go from 0-:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: in a matter of seconds.

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Perhaps it could be a Nog situation.

Your goblin could be no good at making profit, so looks for other ways to find satisfaction in life.

Like this:

I mean Goblins are basically the Ferengi of WoW. (Or are Ferengi the Goblins of ST?)

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