Goblins in Horde & Guilds


Wanted to know how have the goblins been integrated into the horde ranks following their rebellion?
How are they being treated by the other races? I’m guessing some Zandalari trolls don’t like them too much but other than that?

And also - how are guilds on the Horde side taking in Goblins to their ranks? To what use, specialties, etc

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Thrall got the Bilgewater in.

I mean if you’re a focused and calm goblin then I’m sure most races will relate to you IC

If you go the corrupt heavy-accent craft god RP then don’t be too surprised if people start rolling their eyes at you(Sky Golems…)

Hand of Conquest takes in goblin bruisers and specialists! Just pass by the BIG barracks in the Valley of Honor and sign up!!

Bilgewater Battalion is also a focused goblin guild. You can check them too!


Thanks for giving me a hand (wink) with this.

I’m generally more inclined to introduce a goblin to a not focused goblin but I am just new to this race and its properties

Any good places to go out and learn their current status, their scientific achievements and generally everything? ;p

Quest through Azshara



What Gobbert says is completely correct, at the end of the Goblin start zone Thrall has mercy on Gallywix after you defeat him in the Ultimate Footbomb Uniform. He sends you with an edict from Thrall to Garrosh which dictates that the Bilgewater Cartel shall remain under the leadership of the ‘reformed’ Trade Prince and shall now work with the Horde.

There are a few guilds which take in Goblins, Hand of Conquest take them as grunts and there are many more mercenary guilds who take them in as their token Goblins.

If you’re looking for an experience more tailored to the Bilgewater Cartel however, I can suggest my guild, which is based off of the Bilgewater military we see in game:

[H-RP] The Bilgewater Battalion - Hiring Forsaken!

There is also a more recent Battalion style guild, who are also a group of Battalion/Horde aligned sappers who will give you a truly EXPLOSIVE experience. They don’t have a forum thread yet…

There is also a more trade based guild which has just popped up, the Crankfizzle Caravan which seem to be Steamwheedle/Horde aligned Goblins who carry goods throughout Horde lands:

You may also get a better fix on what’s happening in the Horde Goblin community by joining our discord:

Hope this helps!


Azshara, Stranglethorn, Twilight Highlands and Northern Barrens show how the goblins intergrated into the Horde and got put to use.

For general post cataclysm goblinity you also have Tanaris and Swamp of Sorrows.

For current Bilgewater goblin progress the BFA war campaign has a few tidbits + a Gallywix storyline.


Goblins have been a part of the horde for a long time.
They also helped with building orgrimmar and most of its infrastructure.

The only race that might raise an eyebrow to goblins is the Tauren due to several incidents.

Forsaken and orcs are friendly to Goblins… mostly
Zandalari? not sure because the enslavers of the goblins were just another tribe iirc

Aszhara’s questline and bilgewater harbour.
The goblin area in orgrimmar.
Some honorbound/warcampaign quests.
And the obvious starter area.
Goblin engineering ( profession specialisation)

**the trolls were indeed zandalari and they consider the island sacred but… we have forgotten about it.

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Don’t forget the Speedbarge, in Thousand Isle’s) to learn about the (not so) friendly rivalry between the Goblins and Gnomes!

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Can’t speak for any guilds but i feel like most of the horde races probably look down on goblins but they’re aware of the value they bring to the table. While generalizing, the most populous horde race, the orcs, they value strength and integrity and goblins are basically their polar opposite. Goblins are known for being untrustworthy, physically weak and cowardly opportunists. When you quest through goblin areas you’ll often see orcs mistreating them.

Forsaken is probably more or less indifferent to the goblins i’d say as they tend to be quite pragmatic and they’re not exactly known for their bravery and honor themselves, but i guess if anything they’d lean towards dislike more than like since if anything, forsaken are loyal, goblins? Their loyalties are flexible.

Goblins have a history of messing with nature for monetary gain so while they are probably less likely to show disdain openly toward goblins and more likely to judge the individual they probably don’t like them very much.

Blood elves think they are better than everyone else, so they probably look down on them as well.

Trolls are a tough one. They are more pragmatic than the orcs and they don’t look down on shooting people in the back and using nasty poisons, and if the introdution is anything to go by they are apparantly quite xenophobic but this has however not exactly been portrayed very well in the game, for the darkspear that is.

I’d say highmountain falls into the tauren category, nightborne are blood elves times 10 000, zandalari definitely have a superiority complex and probably look down on them and mag’har are not so different from regular orcs in terms of culture and general values.

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