Goblins in Winterspring

How did they get there? Why did they get there?

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Well, we know that Gadgetzan was founded before the Third War but after the Second. They’re a seafaring species since they’re from islands. The profit motive led them there, I guess?

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True question is how the Kaldorei even allowed them to settle there, I get that there isn’t a lot of settlements or villages around Winterspring, but still.

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probably becuse the Kaldorei never realy attacked anyone, unless they did something they deemed bad, like cutting down trees for example, the goblins for some reason never did that there.

Probably because they didn’t want to be attacked.

That didnt hold them back anywhere else though. I cant see goblins going to a new place and be like “You know what? DONT touch nature here”

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If I was to make a wager it was probably originally just a goblin observatory or a small outpost like we have seen in Kalimdor throughout the original WC3 campaign that eventually grew bigger. There are times when various lore characters directly interact with goblin merchants to hire their services with occasional goblin dialogue, so while it might seem like just an in game mechanic it’s been shown in such a way that it’s made a direct impact on the lore.

The goblins themselves aren’t strangers to exploration they basically pop up in all parts of the worlds continents but their motives obviously revolve around profit. I understand the argument against them being in kaldorei land but they were shown to be setting up shop there and in the original lore the goblins were in Kalimdor before the third war even happened, so I imagine they did just enough to turn over a profit and set up trade routes (transport of goods through zepplins) with out offending the kaldorei.

You also have to understand as well that when the game transitioned in to an MMORPG they had to make a lot of compromises to the lore, changing things or taking small liberties for players.

There were originally RPG D&D lore books which were considered cannon for a time but were eventually scrapped for reasons, now anyone that’s familiar with the RPG books that cover the continents will know that nearly all of the Classic zones, some of TBC and most of Northrend are directly modeled in the way these zones are described in the RPG books despite them being non-cannon. I’m not sure if it’s an open or forgotten secret at this point.

So why is this relevant? We still have the original texts so that gives us our best way to reason out why it’s there and how. I’ll post the text below for anyone curious.

Everlook, located on the far east side of Winterspring is the only major goblin outpost in northern Kalimdor, and this trading post serves several purposes. First, it serves as the base of operations for goblin thorium and arcanite miners, since Winterspring has some of the few untapped veins of those materials on the continent. Second, it serves as a center of trade to all races and factions, including the Alliance and the Horde. While Everlook is hardly as safe as Moonglade, generally the two factions treat each other fairly well there. Everlook would offer a commanding view of Kalimdor, if it were not at such a high altitude that clouds constantly shroud the mountain’s lower flanks.

The recent success of Everlook has brought more adventurers into Winterspring, which the natives hope will aid them in defeating the threat of the demons of Darkwhisper Gorge.

Additionally, Everlook is a frequent stop-off and resupply point for the faithful who make the pilgrimage through Winterspring to Hyjal Summit as this town is the last point of civilizations before reaching the Summit. While pilgrims allowed to venture up to the World Tree stop here, this is the highest that merchants and explorers may venture without the night elves’ permission.

The town is also the home of the Thorium Brotherhood, a group of self-righteous Dark Irons who think they are the best smiths in existence. Led by Malyfous Darkhammer, the brotherhood sells their thorium goods for ridiculous amounts of gold. When visiting Everlook, Brann Bronzebeard was tempted to show them what a real smith (and a real dwarf) could make, but he decided it was a waste of his time to even pay attention to them, and he suggests others do the same. Brann attached a catalogue of the garbage Malyfous tries to sell here, though even a novice would know that his prices (and the wares he offers in the first place) are simply ridiculous.

The goblins here recently discovered a new mine to the south of their city, not far from the dragon caves of Mazthoril. This mine is valuable due to a large amount of arcanite within it, but thus far it proves inaccessible. While not part of the blue dragons cave complex, the dragons are territorial, and so the goblins are looking for a hero that can find a way to convince the blue dragonflight to allow them access to the mine, in exchange of a nice reward of course.

At a glance it seems like after the Third War the goblins turned an observatory/outpost in to a larger hub with the permission of the kaldorei.

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