God of death


Ok so I started listening to the traveler books and in these we meet a Loa named Mueh’zala with the title “god of death”. Now I know Bwonsamdi have a pretty Good claim to this Title as well, does anyone know their relationship? Is it just another name for Bwonsamdi, or could this be the “boss” he referers to.

A quote from the book “Our battle is yet to come, yet to come… But it will come, child. It will come. And if you lose* that *battle, Mueh’zala feasts on all of Azeroth. All of Azeroth. All of Azeroth. All of Azeroth…”

Could this be the entity that Sylvanas follows and ultimately made her warchief by whispering to Vol’Jin?


I think it’s almost certain that Mueh’zala is one of the death entities that have some relevance.

8.3 PTR spoilers:

In the 8.3 PTR it even seems he is mentioned.

Father of Sleep is one of his official names (edit: okay, titles), as seen here:

Ueetay no Mueh’zala
God of Death, Father of Sleep, Son of Time, the Night’s Friend.


And I think as a powerful Loa, he is the prime candidate for Bwonsamdi’s master.

I am also quite sure that the whispers and the blocking of Loa influence that Vol’jin experienced, came from Sylvanas’ camp. So… herself or the entity she serves/cooperates with.

But I’m not so sure if it is the same entity in both cases. Bwondsamdi certainly has no love for Sylvanas and thinks her actions threaten some balance he cares about. If they served the same master and ultimately had the same goal, that would be kind of strange, or at least in need of an explanation.

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Well yogg saron refered himself as god of deat, but i think he just likes neat titles


Well, is it still possible that Mueh’zala can be a disguise for one of the Old Gods now that N’Zoth revealed himself and others basically doesn’t matter in BfA?


Yeah thats what he says in Hearthstone too before he procceeds to hex himself and look ridiculous… wouldnt really be taking his word for granted if I was you…

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I don’t think that we talk about hearthstone here…

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Yeah else we’d be talking about frogg-saron

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DON’T GIVE BLIZZ IDEAS! bfa writers could be roaming the forums

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Next expansion confirmed.


look upon the true face of death and know that your end comes quickly … raid looks upon frog-saron the end of hope


If he - or any other god of death it will be in the end - is going to be titled “The End Of Hope”… it will be appropriate for Sylvanas’ storyline.

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But what if i wanna see that?

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Play Hearthstone

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But what if i want it to happen in wow? :stuck_out_tongue:

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After WoD and Bfa i am surprised that it didn’t happened yet


The evidence seems quite reasonable, but I’m having trouble understanding the dev’s motivation. If this is the case, then it would basically mean a totally random incursion of Farraki trolls after they’d mostly been irrelevant as villains for years, wouldn’t it?

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Do you really think Bwonsamdi will say something like this?
Anyway. The trilogy is not yet over and the last book will be available to read in December, and i am pretty sure we will learn more about Mueh’zala


I really think they were just giddy about their new system of 6 kinds of magic, wanted to do something with Death and looked up any and all death entities they had created in Lore so far. Bwonsamdi was already planned for the Zandalar/Vol’jin-Plot, so he didn’t fit the profile of a big power in the background that they wanted.

I don’t think it’s deeper than that. And I think they’ll recycle about everyone who is in any way related to death powers.

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So youre saying stiches may come back? :stuck_out_tongue: