Going to start playing, give me a server :)

I’m sorta done with retail, HC is getting to me a bit so I’m slowly plodding along leveling a rogue right now on an era server. I would like you repeat this on a wrath classic server, inspired partly by the 50% buff I seen that is on. What’s a good server for me? I’ll be playing Horde (PROBABLY), but could be swayed to Alliance.

Pref. somewhere I can be with friends :).

For EU
largest : Gehennas
2nd : Golemagg

Largest: Firemaw
2nd : Earthshaker or Pyrewood Village

be aware if you choose gehennas you will most likely only find gdkps if you’re not raiding with a guild


Thank you for the answer. So you’re saying I should choose Golemagg?

Golemagg or Mograine for Horde. Gehennas is the largest, but it is infested with toxic GDKP scammers and other viles. The other two live servers have perfectly servicable populations but much more “normal” Wrath experience.
Same for Alliance, go to Earthshaker over Firemaw for normal gameplay.


Do you think I’ll be able to find a nice guild and have a positive experience on Golemagg then?

If anyone sees this on Gehennas, please add Chricam as a friend or drop me a whisper!

Question is what do you want? If full pve chose one and play with the dominant faction. If PVP then wait for WRATH ERA and stay on classic ERA or retail.

Wrath Era has not been confirmed so if the OP wants to play Wrath better not wait before it’s over.

This is not wrath, its kind of a log farming simulator for mainstream fashion players, with many stupid changes and toxic bot lover community, with pvp servers whiteout pvp…
I know private servers witch more like a wotlk than this ****.

Noone enjoys World PvP.

That’s why servers became 99% one faction realms.

You will never have a PvP server again.

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I tried a few different servers and the community is toxic AF anyway tbh.

Back to classic HC.

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We lost another one not our fault but it’s the fault of our community that’s been toxic towards him :pensive:.

Tbh you OP never specified what kind of server you want PvE or pvp oriented perhaps start from there.

I didn’t specify because I didn’t mind, either would have been fine, but the servers are toxic anyway. Classic HC actually has a community.

That part at least in my experience is false so much false that if you think wotlk is toxic man when you see retail players toxicity you would run home crying metaphorically of course xD.

What happened that made you think the servers are so toxic if you dont mind me asking?

Only community i ever interact with is my guild so only asking out of curiosity

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I’m posting on this forum from a character who obviously plays retail?

Joined a guild, tried to discuss future raiding potential and stuff, told me about how much gold it would cost.

Left, joined another, was ignored.

Left, joined another, everyone was just generally ****ing horrible.

Nah, no thanks. Imagine telling a new player to pay to raid lol. Tell me you want me to buy you gold without telling me you want me to buy you gold.

Damn asking gold for raid slots thats a funny move when the raids only require one to be half awake to complete it

Were you maxlevel? Most guilds who are willing to invite low level characters are just leveling guilds.
Asking for a raidspot in a leveling guild will most likely result in a troll response.

Also asking for a raidspot when you havent even committed to reaching max level yet is kind of bold. I could also see that as rubbing people the wrong way.

Alot of guilds will give you a shot and trial you, but you need to be atleast maxlevel to even be considered by most.

This is Wrath allright with extra catch up mechanics to not make 5ppl content boring. Not some pirate server BS that is even further away from original Wrath that Classic Wrath.

We played a different Wrath back in the days it seems.
But glad you‘re still having fun