Gold seller on Gandling

Hi there. There is a well famous goldseller on our server (Gandling EU) called Ap*******te(was lv40, lv43 atm), he spends at least(no joke) at least 18-20 hours in Kargath every single day. He can’t speak english at all(Russian), and there is a high chance he does not even have a main. Very suspitious. He force invite people to his party, not even asking anyone just forcing himself on others. He is active, but im pretty sure 2 person shares the account so they can make gold and sell it online to make irl money. Please could you have a look and check?

This isn’t retail. :smiley: They simply ignore us for weeks, months… and they ignore bots too. Azshara is full of them… Goldfarmers, bots and other cheaters aren’t players. They are just users. Yeah you can silence me if you want. :smiley: I’m ganna stick to my truth even if you bann me off from this platform. :smiley: No shaming in here. This is simply a report. A next step if you like… Ingame report takes ages… and yes we did it, me and many others so please look after it.

It is considered naming and shaming, not the “next” step as player reports are not taken on the forums. You can read the misconception here: Customer Service Information. It would be any random player saying “That sleazy looking guy is a goldseller” on the forums.

Since you’ve already reported it through the ingame channels, it may be very well in the queue for review for investigation.

One of their “recent” actions is these against bots:
Actions Taken Against Unfair Gameplay They’ve in modern times been banning them in banwaves after a thorough investigation. Almost never on the spot.

There you go. I edited the topic. :smiley: Hope you are happy now. Cool, we reported him several days ago, hopefully it will not take weeks lol as its usually does. And please dont tell me standing in one spot for 24 hours and making gold day and night with a low level char is called playing.

Delete this thread, topic if you can, because I can’t. Good luck with the cheaters!

Blizzard reacts in banwaves.
Probably they let him do his jobs and then when the banhammer strikes he and his “clients” will take a long term vacation

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Amen to that. Sadly he makes a few thousands golds until this banwave hits him pretty sure can make some rubels until it happens. All they will do probably is make a new account and start it all over again. :frowning: This is why we need a faster more precise reaction. I mean like 1-2 days… At the start of classic I seen bots farming for 1-2 weeks. Its not that hard to come ingame as a GM and bann them off instantly on sight… Bots still farm golden pearl to this day. :smiley: If I log in right now and go there I would find at least 2 or 3 of them. Check down Azshara along the coastline and the Ruins of Eldarath.

No, not really!

Their plan is:
Let bots farm, ruin the economy a bit and make blizzard more money. Then ban them.

Also for goldsellers that have bots, blizzard lets them do their thing and then probably check transactions and ban even their clients.

I think they have a good strategy behind this

Thats a very bad plan and this is why so many people dislike Blizzard… very bad logic sorry. :smiley: Don’t let them farm, don’t let them ruin our game what we payed and fought for, yes classic! Sad and true but any private server leadership does a better job in keeping the goldsellers and bots at bay. Yeah you got the point tho, the money… Greed is eternal… Multiboxing also a cheating yet its allowed. Now this is SHAME. I guess we just have to accept your greed & incompetence as a company.

I’m done with this thread. Please delete it if you can. Because I’cant or leave it here I don’t mind. At least you get some awareness.