Golds from old raids nerfed again ? wtf

Just did a Mythic Hellfire citadel run , and I noticed that many , many epic items from bosses are now worth a couple silvers…

21s for the dagger from Kilrogg , 6s for the necklace , 7s for the wrist … I mean… wow…

This is a HUGE hit on old raids gold income , that had already been hard struck in shadowlands , now you nerfed it to another level.

Basically every dungeon items from any expension before BfA are now worth a couple of silver , most of them around 10s worth , even Legion…


It’s because of the scaling. They’re low level items now.

It’s cut a TON of my goldmaking ideas out :frowning:

Indeed, in this week, in Wednesday, it happened same for me

that we get less than 10g per items for cataclysm raids

I haven’t really done any old raids this reset but I noticed that loot from MoP world bosses is vendoring for a few silver as well. I’m hoping it’s a bug as some items are vendoring for a few gold still.

I get wanting to curb inflation but all they’re doing is encouraging me to buy more tokens.

I think it might be a bug. MC epics were vendoring for a few gold each Wednesday. I found the same as you with HFC mythic earlier with things selling for silvers and was a bit surprised.

This is ridiculous holy hell why are they doing this ???
That’s almost a turn of for me regarding transmogs and mounts farming …

Before that I would run some dungeons and raids, targetting specific mounts or Tmogs , and even though nothing would drop I’d still have made a few golds (after the first nerf in Shadowlands) in the process as a comfort, ending up with the feeling that I at least did not entirely waste my time.

Now only thing I get is bags filled with junks worth 7 silvers each and that I have to sell manually …

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Just done 20 chars and each one that had a mop item was going for atleast 20g per item you must be bugged.

Bingo! and there’s the reason right there.

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Timewalking Discord made post about this (Hellfire Citadel literally has first 4 bosses scaled and rest are still at old ilvl so thats why the item sell amounts are in silver after first 4) and other ilvl issues on the patch day but so far there has been 0 communication about this from Blizzard. I have also been spreading news on reddit, sent feedback in-game etc

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They nerfed Everything, you get 2gold from tables now :sob:

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