Good chair for a big guy?

Hi guys, I am 6ft 5" and fat…anyone got any recommendations for a decent ‘solid’ computer chair that won’t fall apart within a year? Upto about £150

Thanks :smiley:

Define ‘fat’ - I got a cheap 70 quid chair that will take 15 stone, but I’m 9.5 stone. Conversely, my wife is just short of 27 stone.
My advice (and I’m not being derogatory here), would be to look online for chairs within your budget that could take your weight plus a bit extra for safety. Good luck

This will suit large people. It’s expensive but I highly recommend these chairs as they’re built to last.

I have the Titan myself, one down from this but this one is for large/tall people. But it’s expensive, it is worth it though.

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