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Salutations, friends and Horde trash! (sorry not sorry - unless you join, then I will refute this title <3 )

I come today to wave the mighty guild and community banner of Good Gamer or GG, we are now open and recruiting for all to join! We delight in fun, banter and a nice atmosphere for all.

Core aspects that set ourselves apart from other guilds:

  • We also value allowing people within our community a pleasant learning atmosphere where you won’t face fierce negativity and always have a friend to play with.

  • Very tolerant of IRL commitments when it comes to raiding or events, you won’t be hounded for leaving mid raid or event, you do you, come and go as you please, this is a game, not a job.

  • New player friendly.

  • Active leadership and community.

We are a community so we do hope to play other games with yourself, though that isn’t mandatory. We mainly play WoW together, though do wish to branch out to many games with many people, keeps things fresh and enjoyable!

So if you’re looking for a laid back community to make some friends in but want to leave the toxicity out then do get in touch!

Admittedly we are a small community and guild as it stands now, though don’t let that deter yourself, we are more then active!

Contact details:

  • DISCORD: Gavedub#9926

  • BATTLENET: Gavedub#2990

Or just sign up on the guild finder, or whisper me in-game with the name: Gallowed-Silvermoon :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,


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