Good luck forming a group if you are dps in keys below 15+

the pug scene is quite bad at the moment, even if you have high main people only wanna push keys above 20s and no one wanna play low keys (and most of the people who are pushing got no gear for it)

don’t know how that happened but blizzard need to put incentive for folks to participate again in low keys … some times it feels I’m the only one with alt in WoW

People that have done dungeons at 20 are about 1.2% of the dungeon running population.

You’re making a gross generalisation.

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good luck forming a grp as dps then :smiley: in keys blew 15+

That has nothing to do with the claim you’re making.

My friend didn’t have a RLP on tyrannical so I did it with him yesterday as a tank. We got into a a group instantly and there were 35 dps signups at the time. It’s not that the keys aren’t being done, its that no one really cares to join a random solo dps because a group with a tank or a healer will form quicker.

So sure, its hard to form a group as a solo dps. I’m not disputing that. I’m disputing the drivel about most people only wanting to run +20’s. You’re literally talking about the 1% and then somehow conflating it with your issue.

my claim is simple … being a dps and wanna run low keys you will stay forever to form a grp dont lump other things into my claim

yes what about … drops that actually drop?
what about something in between 385 and 410?
how about being able to grind again?
How about NO timegates?

didnt understand what you trying to say tbh

You lumped other stuff into it. Are you suffering from short term memory loss?

go away, you cringy elitist troll.

poor excuse of a human
no wonder you do well this expansion

Blizz can fix that in 1 go, remove valor cap then big dps will sign for a 15 key.

Forever you mean 20 tot 25 minutes right?

So what’s your request? Blizz should force more players to tank/heal so you guys can slack?

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