<Good Name Pending> 3/8M - Recruiting for Battle of Dazar'alor

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Good Name Pending is a two night a week raiding guild with the aim to progress as far in Mythic content as possible while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. We hit 3/8 M during Uldir and want to push on further during Dazar’alor.

What we expect of you
Socially mature with a good attitude towards raiding
A strong will to improve and helping others who play the same class
The best attendance consistency you can provide. We are aware that real life can take its toll and that some commitments take priority.

What you can expect from us
Consumables for each raid week
A strong knowledgeable core who strive to help others improve

Raiding Schedule (Server Time)
Thursdays :20:30 - 23:00
Sunday: 18:00 – 21:00

Class Requirements
We welcome applications from all classes and spec’s, and in particular are currently on the lookout for:

Holy Paladin
Discipline Priest
Restoration Shaman
Subtlety, Outlaw or Assassination Rogue
Havoc DH

How to Apply
Join our discord and post in #applications. Just a quick two lines about your WoW history, current progression and future aims will suffice.

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