Good, The Bad, And the Ugly and adjustments

Many of the talents really feel dynamic and impactful and change the playstyle up, From having Constant procs to pretty much never have to actually hard cast anything like a fire mage, while also getting your dots to naturally refresh themselves by casting mind flay or pressing void bolt during CD windows. To being able to have big hard hitting M Blast crits that are guaranteed and instant from Mind Spike is very good in addition of them being able to hit very VERY hard for cast’s that are instant and are spammable. For pvp Having a way to get out of roots on a short CD while also having 2 schools of magic again is very good.

Way too many talents are in weird spots in the bottom tree and last columns pre 20 and not possible to be taken for build options due to the multiple the many 2 node points and no nodes drawing them together.
Changes to Mass dispel with its insanely high mana cost while not removing bubble/ice block has made this ability utterly useless in pvp and its ultra niche job in pve is barely ever worth it and the extra improvement talent node even more niche since with it costing over half your mana lots of the times in constant combat in M+ where you need to shield or heal yourself or use any abilities that cost mana you wont have mana to cast it.

First on the chopping block, Vampiric Embrace is fully useless and was nerfed even more so compared to live, from its healing being only single target for shadow alongside it not being smart healing but rather fully randomized and you have no way of healing targeting this talent needs a rework or booted. Even for disc its trash due it being random healing,
Outside of a few abilities and the big demon in the closest(Power infusion) Shadow has no real serious M+ usefulness with it having no AOE stun, knockback, and HARD AOE capped root due to “pvp” balancing of the spec which is just terrible game play design hindering a spec in all aspects due to not dealing with it in 1. Priest Class tree is horrid for pretty much no actual good talents besides PI and the shadow word death that effect the spec in with the biggest offenders being how utterly weak the end bottom trees are with 1 just being a pretty good and not ultra niche/pvp focused. Lastly Divine star/Halo being a potential AOE damaging and slight healing option for shadow is okay but it not generating any insanity is sad and while also costing mana. Lastly Idol of Yog is too weak for a end talent option when you can only summon 1 at a time and refresh its duration for its big requirement of needing 50 summons and it does very okay damage. With one of if not you’re main damaging ability being Mind Blast Ancient Madness giving 20% Crit that reduces by 1 every sec feels so utterly pointless. Lastly For aoe it still feels very hard to properly dot targets with you needing to either pick Dark Void With shadow crash just for you to need to Vampiric touch 3 more targets due to Crash only hitting 4 not 7


Shadow Crash/Dark Void now both hit 10 targets but get reduced damage after being on 5 or more targets

Mass dispel either needs retain its ability to remove bubble/ice block or get its mana cost cut at least in half or more or get be able to also dispel disease from targets.

Vampiric embrace either getting a bigger heal% for shadow only, or allowing it to be able to be targeted on a friendly to be able to heal them. Or the big one for M+ in particular making Vamp Embrace heal all of your party members for your damage done. But for Shadow only So it doesnt become broken for Disc and too good for holy

Halo/Divine Star Generating Insanity on Cast with Divine star being 5-10 and Halo being 20-25.

More Path options and reduction in how many 2/2 talents there are since its almost impossible to get anything on 1 side bottom collums and another in the other side unlike most trees.

Last but not least potentially adding more actual mobility options to the tree vs body of soul and feathers, and uncapping the aoe root and adding more options for CC for priest. Since M+ having CC in some dungeons is crucial to be able to do them and with priest lacking so much and the only one priest has is capped at 5 targets its very hard to imagine priest will be brought for much outside of PI/ mass dispel for bursting

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