Goodbye Zandalar Tribe. It's been a bash

Thank you Zandalar Tribe.

We had a good run. I rolled on this server on the launch day expecting to dodge all the Killerslayers and Arthasillidans of the world. We did a good job at it. I had some of my coolest moments of World of Warcraft here. Battling for the Molten Core entrance early on. Trying to get to Blackwing Lair when and held the orb.

I had to skip early progress of Ahn’Qiraj due to personal reasons but when I came back I still got to sweat in the deepest pits of Silithus to slay the old god C’thun.

At the gates of Naxxramas I again had to face the adversary of those aforementioned guilds but we made it inside despite the resistance. Sometimes even with our world buffs intact.

As The Burning Crusade rolled on I had the pleasure to experience my favorite time of WoW again. Running the instances of TBC again. And face the “dangers” of Karazhan again. That was a cakewalk to be honest. Me and my guild had some conflicts at the entrance of Serpentshrine Cavern, but who didn’t. Killing Lady Vashj and Kael’thas Sunstrider before the nerfs hit them was pretty damn amazing.

Mount Hyjal and Black Temple were released couple weeks ago and we made decent progress and luckily got the punk Illidan down. But this server is dead. I wish it didn’t come to this but it’s time to move on.

This server was my home, big part of my life, for several years. And I try not to forget it in good or bad. Thank you to all the people and guilds that made this happen. May your journey stay fun and blessed with good loot.

Illuviel, former GM of Lost and a troll aficionado.


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