Gossip Grapevine/Rumour Mill

(( Who remembers the old grapevine from the old forums? Just me? Thought I’d make an attempt at starting it again. Feel free to comment any nonsense!))

Rumours that David Langston looks like a lost and lonely sole in the Pig and Whistle at the moment… I wonder why?

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Rumors abound of a group of withered looking citizens of Stormwind roaming the streets of Old Town, desperate for a fix of the so-called Gigglepig. One user is a giggler, does that make the collection a…gaggle?

Rumours that Captain Artery Elixir spends more time in the Pig and Whistle than actually aboard his ship have been verified by his friend Alistair although he sees no problem with this situation.

A new barkeep at the Pig and Whistle… has Kamrynn been fired?

Rumour has it that a massive investor has started funding the Stormwind Times, looking to propel it into the forefront of Stormwind journalism…

Coulda sworn I saw a couple of people skinny dipping the other night down by the harbour. Don’t you lot in Stormwind have bathing suits?

Heard from within the shadows. Trades of corrupt and fake enchanting materials are on the move and working themselves into the auction house, causing enchanting to backfire or not work at all. Enchanters beware!

Rumour has it a bronze dragon had a bit of a mess up with Timelines and the city seems much busier from it… peculiar

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