Grab the Crusty Crawler Mount and Clamber Aboard

Grab the Crusty Crawler Mount and Clamber Aboard

Make waves and get cracking! Help this crabulous crustacean claw out of nautical nonsense and shellebrate life on land—now available through the in-game shop.

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No thanks .


Greedy indie company.


I think I’ll pass. Sea food doesn’t agree with me.


Nope. Looks bad feels bad.


Looks tasty!

:crab: :fork_and_knife: :fox_face:

Pass the butter

I already got this from the trading post?

Blizz removing things from the game and selling them for IRL money. Oh and also pressuring people into buying it by having it limited time only. Just as pay day hits. GG Blizz


I thought all trading post items will return and we don’t have to worry?

Eh… Wasnt this thing already on the trading post?!

If you need money just ask, it’ll still be no but at least you’re upfront about it.

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looks like it did return, and now you don’t have to worry about wasting your Traders Tender on it. :wink:

already got that from the trade post :man_shrugging:
bit of a nothing burger post

Looks like the free blue crab mount we already got…?

Spare some change?

Not my cup of tea. Seems a bit of a boring recolour.

Pass, I’m more of a Cod man.

I remember having nightmares about giant killer crabs as a kid…

Seems I already have it anyway :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

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