Graphics are grainy, static, pixelated etc patch 10.0.5

After the new patch 10.0.5 I logged in, and everything looks horrible. It was perfectly fine the day before. Map, bags, actionbars etc is fine, but character, npcs, trees, stones and so on looks static/pixelated - hard to explain, but when I go inside a cave everything turns blue, except the cave itself. Outside of the cave it’s either black or “shimmering” like static. Why does some thinges look fine, like map and actionbars, totally normal, but everything else in game looks pixelated…? I have tried everything I can think of, but nothing is fixing the problem. :frowning:


I had this even before 10.0.5 patch. The issue of neon-pixelated ground and buggy graphics seemed to occur especially if I had launched two clients simultaneously ie. to play on my main account and camp something on my trial. Restarting the client works but it’s annoying, and all other recent graphic bugs considered (some mogs such as Demonic Combatant’s Leather Helm displaying white rectangle on top), I hope Blizz looks into it.

I have the same problem after 10.0.5 update + some other quest and content bugs, but grainy graphic bug is really annoying …

Same problem after 10.0.5. Interface and terrain itself is ok, but terrain objects, characters, NPCs, etc all looks like I’m watching an old TV with a very bad signal.

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Might be obvious, but have you checked your resolution settings? Did you make sure they’re at your native resolutions and desired scales? (Not sure if the game has an automatic res scale so it might be worth looking into that too)

(I don’t know if there’s a specific issue so I’m giving a general idea in case it’ll help anyone at all)

Native resolution, scale 100%.

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Alysea, Barmaglot, thnx, i traied that too … still grainy :slight_smile:

Thx, but I have tried. I think I have tried everything I can think of, but nothing helps. :frowning:

Hi there!

There was a WoW Hotfix ( for graphic issues that can cause issues for the WoWGM.exe ( we currently have. You may experience unusual lagging/choppiness from the graphics resetting excessively. If this happens, you can work around the issue by changing the WoWGM.exe client to use DirectX 11 instead of DirectX 12 in-game:
Game Menu → Options → System → Graphics ->Graphics API



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Thank you for your prompt response, much appreciated, with DirectX 11 is just a bit better but is not a solution.
The new lag and grainy issue is still a big problem, hope with this week maintenance there will be some solution.

P.S. Checked WOTLK Classic, it’s fine - no grainy no lags, no problems… the issue is within Dragonflight.

Thank you for your respone, but unfortunatly, changing to DirectX 11 does nothing. It looks the same :frowning:

@ Arythwinn
THIS happend: cruising in open world noone around … all fine… then stuttering etc…:
Look at all the FALSE codes

83856x FrameXML/EditModeUtil.lua:22: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'offsetX' (a nil value)
[string "@FrameXML/EditModeUtil.lua"]:22: in function `GetRightActionBarWidth'
[string "@FrameXML/EditModeUtil.lua"]:53: in function `GetRightContainerAnchor'
[string "@FrameXML/UIParent.lua"]:3082: in function `UIParentManageFramePositions'
[string "@FrameXML/UIParent.lua"]:2561: in function <FrameXML/UIParent.lua:2548>
[string "=[C]"]: in function `SetAttribute'
[string "@FrameXML/UIParent.lua"]:3104: in function `UIParent_ManageFramePositions'
[string "@FrameXML/EditModeManager.lua"]:641: in function <FrameXML/EditModeManager.lua:608>
[string "=[C]"]: in function `UpdateBottomActionBarPositions'
[string "@FrameXML/EditModeManager.lua"]:555: in function `UpdateActionBarLayout'
[string "@FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua"]:655: in function `UpdateGridLayout'
[string "@FrameXML/ActionBar.lua"]:350: in function `UpdateVisibility'
[string "@FrameXML/ActionBar.lua"]:282: in function <FrameXML/ActionBar.lua:278>
[string "=[C]"]: ?
[string "=[C]"]: ?

self = <table> {
 GetSettingMapFromSettings = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeUtil.lua:58
 IsRightAnchoredActionBar = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeUtil.lua:3
 GetRightContainerAnchor = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeUtil.lua:52
 IsBottomAnchoredActionBar = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeUtil.lua:8
 GetRightActionBarWidth = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeUtil.lua:18
 GetBottomActionBarHeight = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeUtil.lua:33
offset = 0
point = nil
relativeTo = nil
relativePoint = nil
offsetX = nil
offsetY = nil
(*temporary) = 45.000057
(*temporary) = 45.000057
(*temporary) = MultiBarRight {
 0 = <userdata>
 buttonPadding = 2
 UpdateSystemSettingAlwaysShowButtons = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:772
 UpdateMagnetismRegistration = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:506
 GetSnapOffsets = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:411
 UpdateFrameStrata = <function> defined @FrameXML/ActionBar.lua:194
 UpdateButtonArt = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:669
 IsFrameAnchoredToMe = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:469
 buttonTemplate = "MultiBar3ButtonTemplate"
 ShowBase = <function> defined =[C]:-1
 IsShown = <function> defined @FrameXML/ActionBar.lua:286
 GetSelectionOffset = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:363
 ResetToDefaultPosition = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:148
 RefreshButtonArt = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:662
 GetScaledSelectionSides = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:355
 SelectSystem = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:534
 buttonArtDirty = false
 GetFrameMagneticEligibility = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:489
 AddLayoutChildren = <function> defined @SharedXML/LayoutFrame.lua:48
 IsBelowFrame = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:322
 UpdateSystemSettingIconSize = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:714
 SetScaleBase = <function> defined =[C]:-1
 HasActiveChanges = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:244
 GetScaledCenter = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:348
 DoesSettingDisplayValueEqual = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:268
 Layout = <function> defined @SharedXML/LayoutFrame.lua:333
 settingDisplayInfoMap = <table> {
 addSystemIndexToName = true
 IsLayoutFrame = <function> defined @SharedXML/LayoutFrame.lua:36
 DoesSettingValueEqual = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:263
 MarkDirty = <function> defined @SharedXML/LayoutFrame.lua:90
 ShouldResetSettingsDialogAnchors = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:91
 dirtySettings = <table> {
 UpdateGridLayout = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:648
 IsToTheLeftOfFrame = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:304
 GetSettingsDialogAnchor = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:288
 hasActiveChanges = false
 OnSystemLoad = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:3
 ClearFrameSnap = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:448
 GetCombinedCenterOffset = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:398
 SetupSettingsDialogAnchor = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:232
 IsShownOverride = <function> defined @FrameXML/ActionBar.lua:286
 dirty = false
 SetPointBase = <function> defined =[C]:-1
 UpdateSystem = <function> defined @FrameXML/EditModeSystemTemplates.lua:586
 CacheGridSettings = <function> 

updated everything windows 11, asus z790 hero stock, i7-13700k stock, 32gb ddr5 ram, m.2 disk, gig fiber line norway

After yesterday maintenance is worse, there is more lag, in Arenas, raids and open world action i have some strange 1-2 sec delay, not good at all … And as Nehliana said - grainy character, npcs, trees, stones and so on still looks static/pixelated …

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