Great game.... :(


i was doing hellfire citadel mythic. have to find some1 to do it with for the 1st boss. so we went 2man up untill gorefiend… who cannot be killed with 2 players… so u either solo it or u need a bigger group. we decided to both go solo.
once i tried to reenter the raid i got platypus and coudnt enter a raid in progress. so just lost another week of trying to get mog/mount to ur system. why is this not as in the newer raids (getting saved to bosses)???
so many things are “evolving” in the game… yet this is still the same old BS system… feelsbadman



The older raids are indeed not saving in the same way the newer raids are. If you have any feedback or suggestions on this, please use the in-game suggestion option to relay that feedback.

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