Great Job on Ret Redisgn, Keep it Coming!

Retribution Paladin’s redisgn is amazing. I’m not saying that because it’s op or anything the design choices made the spec way more fun than it used to be. I think we need more re-disgns like this. All casters feel the same atm and there’s too much potential. I hope we can see more modernisation of classes in the future.


Definitely. I finished my weekly M+ quest a few hours ago and the spec is both fluid to play and causes massive collateral damage with Blade and Judgement AoE, while keeping the potential Wake of Ashes resets.

I can work with specs like this. Here’s hoping all three priest specs get modernised in a similar manner!

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Here’s hoping all three Rogue specs get modernised in a similar manner! For example, a +%380 increase to all damage outputs on rogues will be the most “modernised” way in a similar manner!

I think evokers are perfect gameplay-wise, but sadly I just can’t accept the way they look in dragon form … :man_shrugging:
Wish way more specs get a modern washing like rets.

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Lol hahaha omg really its just a look.

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Well dude, I’m very vain in wow, what can I say.

I agree…for exmalple blizzard would incrase warriors dps for 280% and overall healing of resto druid for 450%

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The people up there who celebrate Cryladin state are not aware of what is going on right now or they are trolling, they should be trolling.

The people up there who is celebrating the Retri Cryladin state lost all of their credibility.

What they did with Retri Cryladin was a joke, a frikkin JOKE! They should ignore all Cryladin community tears!

Now, let’s take a closer look what they have on their hands by Retribution Cryladin talent tree rework: Blood. But this time, they can not clean the blood on their hands so easily by washing them. Within a week, the Retri Cryladin mains increased their ratings by 300-400 without any skill or experience (other class players lost the same rating) and also many Retri Paladins got Gladiator. This was the biggest free gift from bLizzard to the Cryladins, also to any class, in the game history.

This was not a joke, this was very real.

They should invalidate all matches done this week that contains any Retri Paladin, especially 3 vs 3’!

They have already ruined the game just by listening cryladin community and many people already quit.

i’m talking about class design not balance. i don’t care about balance since it constantly changes . new ret feels more fun not becasue it can do high dps , because the skills and talents are fun to use and play around

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Why ask for class balance? It has never been there in this game. Why now? Btw ion dont pvp

I did not claim raiting and Im playing Retri for a long time. But when you mention removing raiting then they should remove Honor level for 70% of player because of Legion bug that allowed you to get that Honor in couple of hours. If they didnt do that in last few years they wont do that now either. Things is they really made mistake with that rework and class needed nerf. I did play some pvp after that just to see how it feels and it feels very good and balanced. It still have some ultra strong burst ( not close as before ) but healing is nerfed alot . Also when you look in past or even now there are some classes that have priority for Blizzard and Im not talking only about DMG they make. Im talking with numbers of CC spells and mobility ( u know which class Im thinking off ) - the point here is if you rework one class and then you nerf it in 3 days more then it should be nerfed , do the saime for classes that are OP for years now.

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