Great sea Ray drop rate?

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So I joined and some will know late in the expansion, and have been having a good time in between bad pugs.

I’ve always liked fishing for some misterious reason, and I like to level it as I level the toons in order to have buff food, just because.

So I’ve got five max level chars, and have fished thousands of pools, all good plenty of matts for cooking and the occasional AH cash grab when I feel like it.

The thing is I learned about the Great Sea Ray like a month ago and read up on it and it seems it was dropping, or cropping, like crazy in the first few days/weeks.

Can anyone confirm the drop rate after this was changed? I’m curious as to it being 0,003% or something like that these days…


I got mine early in expac when it dropped alot but i did hear they did a stealth nerf on it sadly .

(Gratna) #3

Took me 7500+ casts after i got maxed fishing and it was withing a month of release.

(Kooki) #4

Did you just keep count of all your casts? :open_mouth:

(Yinke) #5

I got mine within few casts first week of BFA. I had to wait like 5 min for mission table so decided to make few fishing casts from flagship. Since then leveled fishing and got 50 salmon achievs on 3 chars but never seen ray again.

(Gratna) #6

Addon called fishingbuddy, it keeps track on your casts.

(Punyelf) #7

I did mine at the start before the nerfed the drop rate. Took about 20 minutes.


most people got it at the start, and it has less %drop rate than love rocket right now :joy:

gotta love blizzard.

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;’/ wow…cant tell if im angry or sad

(Punyelf) #10

It definitely had a far too high drop rate. One of our guys levelling fishing in the port caught several, he was sending them to guildies.


The current scarcity is probably down to the initial overfishing. :frowning:

Kul Tirans will tell their grandchildren about how their treasured Great Sea Ray was fished to extinction by uncaring foreigners.

(Narcind) #12

I’m at around 3500 casts without getting one yet

(Uldurin) #13

Took me around 2000 to get it :open_mouth:


got it on first cast

(Kooki) #15

I didn’t know about this mount but now I want it. :open_mouth:

(Uldurin) #16

Let’s go fishing! :smile:

(Lepanto) #17

That’s exactly what happened to me!! Mercifully I also learned about the Legion artifact fishing pole so there’s that and too

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