Great Vault gave me healing-base items

Hello, so GV is have always ups and downs, but as a Havoc DH I really don’t see how would I be able to use set rings from Mechagon.
The ring 1 is: Logic Loop of Synergy at ilvl 304
The ring 2 is: Rebootic Bit Band at ilvl 294

I am not mad in any way that this happened, however I would like to bring it to your attention so this does not happen to any other player.


Aren’t rings just random and not tied to your class or spec?

Yes I believe so. Sadly with these set rings it makes it rather awkard.

I’m not so sure about being common to all, I don’t remember ever getting healer/tank rings from Mechagon in the GV during BFA. It seems to me like an oversight of some sort.
But if it’s true, they should look into it for DF because getting a +26 ilvl upgrade for a spec role that your class can’t even perform doesn’t feel good at all.

Of all the 3 posible upgrades I could get, 2 of them are my legendary slots, and the best one of the 3 is the Logic Loop of Synergy… as a Havoc DH.
Why can I get, as a melee DPS, a healer ring on the vault , when I CAN’T get it on the loot of the dungeon?

Shall I repeat what I said or are you going to scroll up and read it again?

I’ll make my answer clearer: I think most of them are (because they just have secondary stats, and when they do have prim stats, they change to your stat).
But Mechagon rings have the special triggers that are spec related, and I’m almost sure that in BFA you couldn’t get them in the GV if they weren’t for you (e.g.: this healer ring on a class without healer spec).

But even if that’s not the case, and they all are indeed free-for-all, they need to change that rule for DF. Because it make no sense work for rewards for the GV that you could never user.