Green dragonflight

I really dont get it, we had Ysera, they decided to let let her go and killed sort of.

Then i guess they decided to keep her around as a well established character, also fine.

She had a nice role in shadowlands. Then they decided to bring her back and sacrifice somewhat Furion for her, only to bench her again. This absolutely and totally makes Malfurion sacrifice useless, Ysera just gona chill, her daughter gonna continue the legacy and Malfurion got rekt …

Am i missing something ?

Malfurion will be back soon. Ysera is only there temporally. Her place is now in Ardenwaeld.

Nop you did not miss anything .
Probably they needed more female characters . That’s why Malfurion got shafted .

She now also has shimmering blue in her wings and dress , got her belly button covered and is probably gonna die a useless death somewhere along the way . Probably defending Tyr or something .
They would probably resurrect Malygos and Neltharion too , so we can kill them all together , but they are not feminine enough to stand in the spot light .

Either that or she and the other aspects are gonna teach us a valuable lesson about tolerance and understanding .

I’m really way beyond expecting them to have a plan. At least not one that will actually be implemented as planned.

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