Greetings from "Intellectuals" RBG/WPvP Community

Hi. Intellectuals is a friendly, community dedicated to Rated Battlegrounds and WPvP. We have players ranging from R1 in RBGs to those who are learning the game mode of 10v10. If you are genuinely interested in Rated Battlegrounds and wish to learn, or experienced in RBGs and wish to avoid toxic LFG, and/or want to have fun playing insane WPvP then you are most welcome to join us. We have both an in-game community with the same name as well as a growing Discord community. You can send a text to Drohokaal-Kazzak or Chakrvyuh-Kazzak or contact me at Discord on DocWoW#5355.


Commenting via an Alt to keep the thread up. I am getting quite a few direct contacts and we are happy to welcome new players to RBGs and WPvP. Would appreciate a comment or two here in this thread so that others can come forward as well and somehow the Devs can also feel (hoping against hope) that despite their continued ignorance of the 10v10 game mode, there are still a lot of players who are interested in the same

We have players from Hero ranking to newbies who are learning the early tricks of RBG fights. You are most welcome to connect and discuss and we will try to help out our best.

Hey if you have a discord server do you mind sharing it? Looking for more active pvp players for all content as my guild is pve focused

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Nice having you onboard. We look forward to engaging you in our runs.

Hey, I would love to join the discord and improve my pvp knowledge if that’s ok? Not a single person in my current guild plays pvp so I’m happy to switch over. Can you please send me a discord link?

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Hi. You are most welcome. You can connect me at doc_sunny at Discord

Hello! Is it possible to do RBG being myself an alliance player? Because I am interested in doing some rated pvp with a “regular” roster :wink:

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Highly motivated/skilled and kind pvper here :slight_smile: Id like to make memories together in pvp and also have fun ofc! I have 1.8k rbg exp and played arenas on 2.1k mmr.

Im a warlock that can adjust. For example demo for arena’s and affliction for rbgs :slight_smile:

Bt-net : iskater2#2127 lets chat n_n !

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Sent you a discord friend invite^^
My discord tag is Broitswiz

think I’ve already added you but can’t search you on my friends for some reason

Still recruiting?

Our discord is still in the early phases of development and I am personally available for any advice regarding rated battlegrounds. As far as forming a team is concerned, the process is on but takes a lot of time due to irl priorities. Anyone interested, is most welcome to join our discord.

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Still recruiting? I’m relatively new to pvp but i would really like to dive into RGBs

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