Grimrail Depot is full with bugs

So 2nd boss is sooo buggy. I found 3 bugs and I don’t know how the dungeon passed for release

  1. He flew to his cannon and didn’t enter it to start phase 2. The walls didn’t open.
  2. The trash didn’t spawn so we had to dmg his cannon manually
  3. I got stuck to the left barrels of the 2nd/middle row.Priest had to leap me out.

What exactly has been tested bloody hell?!?!?!?!

how do you test something if all devs quit?

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Tested? That Dungeon was last tested maybe back in 2013 before WoD release.


This is why I voted for Grimrail Depot.

I´m not running dungeons, but these threads are golden.

I didn’t even know it was up for a vote. When was that lol.

Pretty long time ago! To be fair, all of these dungeons would´ve been horrible mess anyways :grinning:

Once i saw the bug that he was sitting in his cannon and having a thee, i dont mind this actually people are getting way too hard frustrated by little problems

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