GrimSoul's Weekly MC

From Saturday next week (Nov 23) GrimSoul Legion will be running weekly alt / pug runs on Saturday evenings for those interested.

We consist mainly of ex-hardcore raiders, many of which have played with guilds such as Destiny and Nihilum during vanilla. We are now a casual guild of experienced old-timers where some play more than others. This weekly event is a chance for people to raid with their alts, their friends outside the guild and potentially make new friends and have some fun. We will be running this every Saturday. The atmosphere will be relaxed and friendly but efficient.

Invites at 20:00. We expect people to be ready to head towards the raid at this time and have everything with them required for the raid.

Info & Setup Sheet:

Signup Form:

We look forward to seeing you ingame!


Still in need of healers and dps for Saturday. Shamans especially!

Cleared everything with zero wipes last week.

Going again on Saturday with the same rules!

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